Regis Salon Interview Questions & Tips

How the Hiring Process Works

Job seekers hoping for employment with popular hair salon chain Regis Salons typically begin the hiring process by submitting employment request forms online. Managers generally wade through preliminary hiring materials within three or four days and contact qualified applicants to conduct brief phone interviews. A common formality, phone screening gives applicants an opportunity to make a good impression by sharing employment background, education level, and availability with hiring staff. After successful phone interviews, each applicant attends a 1:1 meeting in-store for a question-and-answer session and a skills demonstration with a manager. In some cases, applicants submit resumes in-person. Some associates cite receiving walk-in interviews and job offers on the same day, as well.

Preparing for Your Interview

Regardless of how Regis Salons conducts the hiring process, applicants need to prepare for job interviews by brushing up on the skills necessary for the job. Employment hopefuls should select a professional ensemble to wear for the interview, as well. Hiring managers may also appreciate applicants who bring printed resume copies and any required licenses or certifications. Attend the meeting five or ten minutes early with all of the essential haircutting or styling tools for the skills demonstration, as most salons conduct the question-and-answer and technical portions of the interview in succession. The entire interview usually lasts 30 to 60 minutes.

What to Expect During the Interview Process

On top of employing skilled hairstylists, Regis Salons often prefers to hire on associates who comfortably interact with customers. Candidates who maintain energetic and welcoming presences during job interviews typically outperform interviewees who make less of an effort to showcase personable qualities. Managers may pose prompts like, "Tell me about your education and post-education experience," and "Can you work weekends?" during interviews. When showcasing abilities, candidates often perform haircuts on a model or a friend, after which the salon manager discerns suitability for the position. Thank the hiring personnel for his/her time at the conclusion of the interview, and inquire when to best expect a hiring decision. If appropriate, follow-up with the salon within a week to check on the status of the position desired.


  • maria barrientos says:

    how should i be dressed for an interview?

  • kristina says:

    Dress in their uniform. Black and white. That’s what I did and the manager even commented that I was already in dress code 🙂

  • Mary McEachern Mallory says:

    I think the questions were correct. Know what questions to ask. Bring a pad and pen. For the interview be on time.

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