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Reinhart FoodService ranks as the fifth largest food service distributor in the country. The rapidly expanding company hires only the best employees to begin rewarding and exciting careers in over 30 locations across the Eastern United States.

Facts About Working at Reinhart FoodService

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Reinhart FoodService?)

Available Positions: Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, Sales Representative, Buyer, Order Selector, Sales Consultant, Warehouse Worker, Warehouse Manager, Truck Driver, Driver Helper, Transportation Manager, Beverage and Chemical Technician, Yard Jockey, Truck Washer, Truck Fueler, Net Developer, Assistant Manager, General Manager, Human Resources Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Reinhart FoodService Job Opportunities

Successful restaurants require consistent, timely food service distributors to ensure reliable deliveries of fresh ingredients. By establishing buying relationships with some of the most renowned food producers in the nation, the food service distribution company ensures delivery of the safest, highest-quality goods ranging from seafood to bakery items. Associates focus on maintaining food safety while maximizing the efficiency of the delivery process. Employees at Reinhart FoodService use state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge delivery systems to offer customers exceptional value. Individuals excited at the prospect of working with new-age tools enjoy paid training upon hire and ongoing development while employed.

A vast company, Reinhart FoodService hires diverse workers who unite under the common goal of passionate customer service. Prospective workers holding previous experience with food service providers, warehouse management, customer service, transportation, or sales may find opportunities to begin rewarding careers. The company celebrates the daily commitment of associates to pursue success and offers unlimited career growth to workers who demonstrate intelligence, dedication, and innovation.

Reinhart FoodService Employment and Pay

Talented workers and efficient distribution systems allow Reinhart FoodService to deliver unrivaled customer service as well as food products. The nationwide company hires qualified individuals for jobs such as buyers, warehouse receivers, and commercial truck drivers. Descriptions of the commonly available positions follow:


  • Buyers purchase high-quality items for wholesale distribution.
  • Employees must ensure the company receives maximum return on investment by monitoring inventory for product quality and turnover rates.
  • Maximizing gross product margins relative to target profit goals also stands as a major responsibility of buyer associates.
  • Buyers maintain friendly and professional business relationships with vendors and suppliers.
  • Workers in full-time positions generally earn pay rates of $60,000 per year.
  • Eligible candidates hold high school diplomas or GEDs and two to three years of food service buying experience, including knowledge of products and market trends.
  • Requirements include proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel, excellent customer service skills, efficient time management skills, communication abilities, self-motivation, and organizational capabilities.

Warehouse Receiver

  • Warehouse receivers work at state-of-the-art distribution centers and coordinate aspects of warehouse operations.
  • Associates prepare items for transportation and complete paperwork to track incoming and outgoing products as shipments flow into and out of company warehouses.
  • Full-time employees typically earn hourly wages between $14.00 and $17.00, pending experience.
  • Daily duties include preparing docking areas to receive inbound shipments, unloading pallets from trailers, breaking down pallets and sorting items for storage in the warehouse, and securing outgoing pallets.
  • Qualified candidates stand 18 years of age and possess high school diplomas or GEDs, feel comfortable lifting 50 to 80 pounds regularly, and operate heavy equipment and machinery on a daily basis.

CDL Class A Driver

  • At Reinhart FoodService, the timely, safe and accurate transportation of products stands paramount.
  • Experienced drivers holding Class A commercial driver’s licenses directly contribute to the success of the company by transporting products from distribution centers to customer, such as restaurants and stores.
  • Duties include conducting vehicle inspections to adhere to safety policies, loading and unloading pallets to and from trailers, and operating Tracscan units.
  • Qualified associates possess valid commercial driver’s licenses or equivalent military driving experience with clean driving records, the strength to move up to 100 pounds, stand at least 21 years of age, and exhibit excellent customer service skills.
  • Eligible associates earn annual salary upward of $60,000.

Tips For Applying

Individuals interested in applying for jobs as warehouse receivers, buyers, drivers, or other career opportunities may fill out application forms and apply online. The website asks candidates to complete profiles in order to store personal information, upload resumes, and provide convenient access to job listings. Online profiles also help recruiters contact applicants via email. The interview process usually consists of phone screenings and one or two in-person meetings. After receiving job offers, candidates must pass drug tests as the final part of the hiring process.

Application Status

Candidates may check application statuses by viewing online application profiles. The hiring process may take a couple weeks as recruiters look over resumes and perform background checks on potential employees. During such time, candidates may call or email hiring managers to check application statuses. Always remember to display courtesy when interacting with potential employers.

Benefits of Working at Reinhart FoodService

The employee benefits packages offered by Reinhart FoodService contribute to the personal well-being of full-time workers and families. Comprehensive job benefits include:

  • Competitive salary options
  • Medical insurance
  • Additional healthcare coverage such as dental, vision, and life insurance
  • Short-term and long-term disability
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Access to legal services, and
  • 401(k) retirement plans with generous company contributions

Workers may receive discounts on products, as well.

Additional Details on Reinhart FoodService

Because Reinhart FoodSource relies heavily on fossil fuels to power the trucks transporting goods to and from customers, the food service provider works hard to minimize the environmental impact of carbon emissions. The newest company fleets come equipped with diesel engines, which hold Clean Idle certifications and exhaust particulate filters. Such enhancements improve fuel economy and produce lower emissions. Smart cycle refrigeration controls, reduced overall engine run times, and keeping tires at optimal air pressure help make operations more efficient and eco-friendly, as well.


  • Joshua V. Stanley says:

    I have been applying for a Reinhardt sales position for about 8 months now every time a position opens near me I put in my application right away. I have been a loyal long standing customer of Reinhardt do you have any tips on how I can break thou and get a interview Or what is keeping me from an interview.

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