Reinhart FoodService Interview Questions & Tips

Multiple Interviews

One of the largest foodservice distributors in the U.S., Reinhart Foodservice carries out several rounds of job interviews in the hiring process, which generally takes two to three weeks to complete. Job seekers regularly face phone interviews to initiate the hiring process before meeting with human resources representatives in-person. One-on-one interviews often prove the most common methods used to screen workers. The food service distributor regularly necessitates multiple rounds of interviews to screen potential employees, although basic sales positions only require a single interview for employment consideration beyond initial phone screenings.

Common Interview Questions

Reinhart Foodservice interview questions normally entertain subjects revolving around education, work history, customer-service skills, and experience in the food service industry. Many questions feature behavioral prompts specifically related to the position desired. Customer service and sales workers may respond to questions like:

  • “What would you do with an irate customer?”
  • "Can you describe an obstacle you've overcome in life and how you were able to achieve a desired outcome?"
Answer all interview questions in full-faith and with honesty. Applicants may also spend time role playing with hiring officials to simulate common, daily occurrences. Most candidates complete drug screening and background checks after completing required stages of job interviews.

Making a Good Impression

Prospective candidates should arrive at Reinhart Foodservice ready to make a positive impression. Dress accordingly for each interview, in either business-casual clothing for entry-level positions or more formal attire for management positions. Maintain good posture and eye contact throughout your interview. Speak clearly and with confidence. Showing an understanding of the food service industry may lead to additional hiring consideration. Applicants vying for positions with physical demands, like delivery driver, may need to further prove eligibility by producing CDL licenses or demonstrating abilities to perform manual labor.


  • ben davis says:

    We as route drivers earn a minimum of $58,000 per yr. The work is very physical!

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