Renaissance Interview Questions & Tips

In-Depth Hiring Process

Luxurious hotel chain Renaissance Hotels and Resorts uses the interview process to screen for friendly and helpful new employees. To find qualified candidates, the hospitality company often conducts personality tests, phone interviews, and in-person interviews. The interview process often varies depending on location, number of applicants, and position. For upper-level positions, the company may conduct panel interviews or multiple rounds of one-on-one interviews before selecting a candidate. Following the interview process, Interviewers usually performs drug screenings and background checks.

Navigating the Interview Process

For entry-level jobs, applicants usually participate in one face-to-face interview with a hiring manager. Most interviews last about 30 minutes, and interviewers ask basic interview questions about availability, willingness to work, and work history. Managerial careers with Renaissance Hotels require multiple evaluation rounds, which may make the hiring process last several weeks. For management jobs, applicants need to answer interview questions about experience handling high-pressure customer service situations. To provide adequate answers, management candidates typical need to describe situations, their actions takes, and the results.

What to Wear

An upscale hotel chain, Renaissance needs to hire team members capable of maintaining well-groomed appearances. For most careers, job hopefuls should dress in formal business attire, such as navy blue and black suits. Applicants applying for more labor intensive jobs, such as housekeeper or maintenance technician positions, may come to the interview in business casual wardrobes.

Making a Good Impression

In addition to wardrobe, applicants should show confidence throughout the entire Renaissance Hotels interview process. Siting with solid posture, speaking clearly, and maintaining appropriate eye contact are essential to displaying confidence and professionalism. Candidates also want to show upbeat attitudes and provide positive answers to all interview questions. Responses should be kept brief and straight to the point. If possible, answers refer back to past work experience. At the end of the interview, candidates should thank interviewers for the opportunity.

Following Up

A day or two following the interview, applicants may want to send thank-you notes addressed to interviewers. Showing professionalism and gratitude for the opportunity often sets applicants apart from other candidates.

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