Rent-A-Center Job Interview Questions & Tips

Navigating the Hiring Process

Leasing household appliances, furniture, and electronics, Rent-A-Center frequently hires on customer-oriented associates to sell products and assist clients. Employment seekers often find job postings on the company website and submit hiring documents online. Recruitment staff generally contacts applicants within a day or two of reviewing employment requests to schedule interviews. Job interviews, which are typically held onsite, may include multiple question-and-answer sessions with assistant and store managers as well as computerized skills tests. Promising candidates typically undergo drug testing and criminal background checks as the final step of the hiring process and begin work after satisfactory results arrive.

How to Get a Job at Rent-A-Center

Customer service and sales jobs remain popular positions at Rent-A-Center and demand applicants exude well-kempt and professional appearances. Employment seekers vying for such positions ought to dress in appropriate attire throughout the interview process, regardless of position desired. For a better idea of what to wear, candidates may model attire off of current employees. Attend each interview punctually to show dependable and respectful qualities. Greet all recruitment officials with a smile and friendly tones.

Interview Questions and Topics to Expect

Applicants field a litany of questions during interviews, with some of the most popular inquiries including:

  • "Why do you want to work at Rent-A-Center? "
  • "Please outline your job duties at your previous job; how does your experience qualify you to work here?"
  • "How would you deal with a client who is late paying his/her bill?"
Demonstrate excellent communication skills by maintaining relaxed eye contact and speaking clearly. Pause briefly before answering interview questions to provide thoughtful responses, and refer to past experience to prove eligibility for the job. Express gratitude for the prospect of working at Rent-A-Center and inquire about when the interviewer plans to make a hiring decision.


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    Does a felony conviction not associated with work automatically disqualify you for an interview or a position being offered?

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