Republic Services Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Republic Services

As a waste management company serving more than 2,800 communities, Republic Services continually looks for new associates to join the growing network of more than 30,000 employees. Candidate screening usually consists of multiple rounds of evaluation in order to find qualified associates. For most jobs, the waste disposal company holds phone interviews for initial screening. A basic filtering process, phone interviews usually last about 15 minutes and cover availability and career goals. Successful candidates then face in-person interviews. Depending on the position applied for, candidates may face multiple rounds of interviews. For some positions, candidates need to go on ride-along evaluations with seasoned workers. Drug testing and physicals may finalize the interview process.

Common Interview Questions

Questions featured in a Republic Services job interview range from basic to in-depth. Most interviews begin with general questions like:

  • “Why do you want to work with Republic Services?”
  • “Do you have any experience in the waste management industry?”
  • “What makes you the right person for the job?”
After preliminary questioning, interviewers may ask a number of questions specific to the job. Usually behavioral, in-depth questions typically address competency to accomplish certain tasks. For example, sales representatives may hear:
  • "Tell me about a time you dealt with an upset customer or prospect. How did you diffuse the situation?"
  • "Tell me about a time when you exhibited a competitive nature."
To best answer behavioral questions, candidates should give anecdotes that reflect relevant experience and abilities to overcome problems.

Making a Good Impression

Job seekers need to show up to interviews on time and exhibit positive, enthusiastic attitudes. Going into the interview with knowledge of the company also benefits candidates. Interviewees should provide clear, well-thought-out answers for all interview questions. Republic Services generally favors applicants with experience, and job hunters should bring up relevant work history whenever possible. Interviewees participating in ride-alongs should ask frequent questions about the job and show eagerness to begin work. Hiring personnel also like seeing applicants that show willingness to go above and beyond to accomplish tasks. At the end of each interview, potential workers should thank hiring representatives and reiterate desire to work with the company.

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