Residence Inn Interview Tips

Company Overview

An upscale extended-stay hotel chain for global business travelers, Residence Inn in offers luxury hospitality services to create an excellent living experience. Personalized service is paramount, and the hotel company looks for dedicated and customer-oriented associates capable of providing unparalleled guest care. The company uses the interview processes to screen quality talent. A member of the Marriot family, the hotel chain offers a similar interview processes as its parent company.

Navigating the Interview Process

The Residence Inn interview process typically begins with a brief phone interview. Topics covered in the phone interview include work history and availability. After phone interviews, applicants move on to one-on-one interviews with a hiring managers. A more in-depth question and answer session, the one-on-one interview typically consists of a mix of traditional and behavioral questions. For some positions, applicants may need to participate in multiple rounds of interviews. Most interviews last between 30 minutes and 45 minutes. Following the interview process, interviewers may conduct drug tests and background checks.

How to Stand Out

Applicants want to impress hiring personnel by dressing appropriate for the job interview. Residence Inn needs to hire applicants able to maintain presentable appearances. Hair should be well-kempt and attire should match that of the employees. In addition to appearance standards, the hospitality chain needs friendly and helpful workers. Job hopefuls should demonstrate upbeat attitudes and a passion for providing excellent customer care. For all interview questions, candidates should give clear and concise answers that reflect capabilities to perform duties.

Following Up

At the end of the interview, an applicant should express appreciation for the opportunity and the interviewer's time. To further express gratitude and professionalism, job seekers may mail or email thank-you notes to interviewers a day or two following final interviews.


  • firmen says:

    The interview was not as nerve wrecking as you may think. I had an interview for houseman and it was quite pleasant provided by the manager who interviewed me. He/she gave a job description, pay rate, schedule was informed, gave me a brief tour of the hotel, and explained the remaining hiring process. Give the impression you have what it takes to do the job, smile, express gratification… goes along way.

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