Job Skills Lesson Plans

1. Job Hunting
2. Job Application
3. Resume
4. Interviewing
5. Networking
6. Social Media

Course Abstract
Today’s high school students need the foundation for finding their first job just as much as finding the right school to continue their education. In order to do so, teachers need the tools in their hands to ensure students are readily prepared and confident in applying for available jobs, maintaining positive online presences through social media, and utilizing the proper ways to interview, follow up, and secure positions moving forward.

At, we embrace the idea that finding the right job is not only essential to a student after graduation, but learning how to do so is also one of the key foundations to building continued success. Offering a multifaceted approach to disseminating our employment resources allows for school faculty and students alike to learn the information quickly or over a series of classes, which can be left to each teacher and school district’s discretion.

Students use visual stimulation to help learn and retain knowledge. Our presentations use videos, interactive slides, and minimal but effective handouts to help foster an all-around learning experience and assist educators with instruction. Each presentation comes with a teacher companion detailing what is on the slides along with additional information and ideas on how to present the material in the classroom.

Testimonials from School Administrators
“The information covered by in the job skills lessons will be useful well beyond our students’ first job!” – Deb N., Director of Title 1 & Auxiliary Services, Canton, OH

“The videos, interactive slides and handouts easily guide students through all facets of the job search, and provide teachers with the high quality curriculum needed to teach these necessary life skills.” – Karen V., Former School Administrator, Canton, OH

Additional Printable Resources

Application Form:

Sample Job Application

On Resumes:

Resume Template
Resume Rubric

Resume Examples:

Example of Bad Resume
Bad Resume Example #2
Resume Example in Chronological Format
Resume Example in Functional Format

On Cover Letters:

Cover Letter Template
Cover Letter Rubric

On Interviews:

Interviewing Basics
How to Answer Common Interview Questions

On Social Media Management:

Social Media & Online Job Search Basics

Other Resources

How Old to Work? – minimum age to work info