Restaurant Dishwasher Job

Job Description for Restaurant Dishwasher Position

Job Duties

What Are the Responsibilities of a Restaurant Dishwasher?
Restaurant dishwashers hold the responsibility of cleaning all the dishes, glasses, silverware, and cooking supplies for a restaurant. A dishwasher must keep the dish room and dish machine in clean, working order. Dishwashers may be responsible for stocking the establishment with clean supplies for customers, such as napkins and condiments. Other dishwasher job duties may consist of cleaning up around the restaurant and assisting other staff members as needed. Chefs, sous chefs, and kitchen managers serve as supervisors for dishwashing associates. Through on the job experience, dishwashers gain exposure to other aspects of operating a restaurant and learn job duties for other positions, such as server, bartender, and cook.


Job Qualifications

What Are the Requirements for a Restaurant Dishwasher Job?
Dishwasher jobs involve constant movement and physical activity while on the clock. Workers must be able to operate different machines and know the proper specifications needed to sterilize restaurant utensils. Dishwashers must be aware of basic sanitary guidelines. Due to the physical nature of the job, dishwashers should be comfortable routinely lifting large loads and equipment. Typically, young workers between 16 and 18 years of age fill jobs as dishwashers. Few restaurants require education or job experience for employment as a dishwasher.

Salary & Compensation

How Much Can a Restaurant Dishwasher Make?
Typically, restaurant dishwashers earn starting pay from $7.25 to $8.75 an hour. Larger factors influencing dishwasher wages include location, employer, and job experience. California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Illinois stand as some of the most profitable areas for dishwashers in the restaurant industry. Overall, the national average salary for restaurant dishwashers rests around $18,000 a year, or approximately $9.00 per hour.

Employment Benefits

What Kinds of Job Benefits Can a Restaurant Dishwasher Earn?
Dishwashers may work a wide range of shifts throughout the day, both day and night. Many restaurants accommodate employees and schedule around other commitments. Many restaurant workers may also access further job benefits, such as healthcare coverage, 401(k) retirement plans, and paid time off.

Restaurant Dishwasher Salary Comparison

How Do Average Dishwasher Salaries Compare Between Restaurant Chains?

Average Salary Per Hour Average Salary Per Year
Applebee’s $9.00 $18,000
Buffalo Wild Wings $8.00 $16,000
Cheesecake Factory $10.00 $20,000
Chili’s $9.25 $18,500
Cracker Barrel $9.00 $18,000
Denny’s $9.00 $18,000
Friendly’s $9.00 $18,000
Hooters $8.00 $16,000
IHOP $8.25 $16,500
Olive Garden $9.50 $19,000

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