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Retail Jobs: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an estimated 4.7 million retail sales jobs in the United States. With a 10-percent growth outlook over the next 10 years, the retail industry provides countless opportunities for part-time, seasonal, and full-time work. Applicants interested in applying for retail jobs generally need no formal education for employment consideration. Most retail stores hire on help as young as 16, with some states allowing for 14 and 15-year-old job seekers to assume limited roles with special permits from local governments.

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Types of Retailers: Of the 4.7 million retail workers reported in 2012 by the USBLS, 1,008,000 (21-percent) serve the fashion industry, 912,000 (19-percent) work for general merchandise retailers, 528,000 (11-percent) work for auto parts dealers, 432,000 (nine-percent) work for hardware stores and other building goods suppliers, and 336,000 (seven-percent) hold jobs in sporting goods, book retail, video, music, or miscellaneous entertainment stores.

Average Pay: The median pay for retail workers hovers around $10.30 an hour. However, entry-level retail job holders usually make around state or federal minimum wage. Certain retailers may impose commission-based pay rates as incentives for work performance. Check out our Retail Salaries & Pay information page for further details.

Popular Retail Positions: Due to the entry-level nature of the industry, retail jobs become readily available on a consistent basis. Popular positions like sales associate, stock associate, cashier, and greeter roles often lead to careers in management or serve inexperienced workers looking to build resumes as substantial entry points into the workforce. The turnover associated with young people leaving entry-level positions to pursue loftier career goals makes way for thousands of new employment opportunities each year.

General Duties & Requirements: Many retail jobs involve aspects of customer service, sales, and stocking. Workers entering the retail industry should expect to interact with customers on a regular basis and work as part of teams to perform assigned duties. The average retail location imposes restrictions on employee dress and demeanor. Some even provide complimentary or discounted uniforms. Applicants often need to sit through at least one face-to-face interview with hiring personnel, typically a shift supervisor or assistant manager, to gain employment consideration, unless referred by current employees. Some retailers provide access to job applications online, which expedites the overall hiring process in most cases and allows aspirants to apply for multiple jobs at multiple locations at once.

Retail Job Descriptions

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Retail Store Manager Job

Job Duties – What Are the Responsibilities of a Retail Store Manager?
The worker in charge of all store operations, a retail store manager holds numerous responsibilities. Key areas of responsibility include administrative duties, employee management, and customer service. Administrative duties include monitoring sales numbers, pushing performance goals, ordering products, and monitoring inventory. Managing employees exists as one of the largest responsibilities for a store manager. Retail general managers must interview, hire, train, supervise, coach, and motivate all store associates. In a customer-focused industry, store managers must ensure outstanding customer care and effectively handle customer complaints.

Job Qualifications – What Are the Requirements for a Retail Store Manager Job?
Store manager positions require strong leadership skills. Other necessary traits include familiarity with computers, proficiency with written and verbal communication, and problem solving skills. Store managers must demonstrate a respectful, professional, and courteous demeanor at all times. Additional qualities a store manager should possess include determination, attention to detail, and organization. Most employers require a high school diploma or equivalent when hiring a general manager. Some retail companies may require a college degree in business management or a related field. Some employers may also set prior management or retail work experience as requirements for employment.

Salary & Compensation – How Much Can a Retail Store Manager Make?
The average starting salary for a retail store manager ranges from about $22,000 to $35,000 a year. The best paid retail general managers earn approximately $30.00 an hour or $60,000 a year. The highest-paying areas for store manager jobs include Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and the District of Columbia. General managers working in these areas usually earn more than $45,000 a year. On average, retail general managers earn about $40,000 a year.

Retail Store Assistant Manager Job

Job Duties – What Are the Responsibilities of a Retail Store Assistant Manager?
The responsibilities of an assistant manager vary by retail location. Typically, assistant managers assist store managers in carrying out various administrative job duties. Assistant manager jobs involve hiring and training new employees, setting work schedules, supervising store associates, and resolving conflicts in the workplace. Most retail assistant managers work with both customers and employees. Assistant managers also file paperwork, answer telephones, and answer questions about products, services, merchandise, and policy. Training generally involves instructional videos and first-hand experience and typically lasts anywhere from a few days to a week.

Job Qualifications – What Are the Requirements for a Retail Store Assistant Manager Job?
Typical qualifications for assistant manager jobs include previous management experience or work experience in the retail industry in general. Most stores require applicants to hold at least a high school diploma. Some retailers may require further education or training. Ideal job candidates include workers 18 and over who exude strong leadership skills, verbal communication skills, and demonstrate professionalism at all times. Many retail stores require assistant managers to possess basic computer skills, including familiarity with word processing, email, and social media.

Salary & Compensation – How Much Can a Retail Store Assistant Manager Make?
Average starting pay for assistant managers in the retail industry rests between $10.00 and $12.00 an hour, depending on location and employer. The average hourly wage for assistant managers stands at about $17.00 per hour or roughly $34,000 a year. More experienced assistant managers tend to earn around $30.00 an hour or $60,000 per year. New York City, NY, Los Angeles, CA, and Chicago, IL, represent the highest yielding metropolitan areas for retail assistant managers in terms of average salary.

Retail Store Sales Lead Job

Job Duties – What Are the Responsibilities of a Retail Store Sales Lead?
The position of sales lead mainly involves assisting customers in selecting products and services. Other job duties include organizing and supervising the sales team as well as carrying out various administrative functions. Sales leads schedule entry-level sales associates, train new workers, and ensure employees use proper protocol at all times. Sales supervisor jobs regularly deal with both customers and employees and require a professional, responsible, and dedicated attitude. Sales lead employees usually work in clothing stores, general merchandise retail outlets, or department stores.

Job Qualifications – What Are the Requirements for a Retail Store Sales Lead Job?
Sales lead jobs generally require applicants to possess some experience in the retail industry. Most employers favor workers 18 and over who exude strong leadership, organizational, and motivational skills. Other requirements may include job seniority or previous experience with the company.

Salary & Compensation – How Much Can a Retail Store Sales Lead Make?
Average pay for sales lead workers tends to fall between $10 and $12 an hour. Actual wages may vary depending on store location and employer. Some stores may offer sales lead jobs on salary. Average salary expectations for sales leads rests around $20,000 to $25,000 per year.

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Retail Shift Lead Position

Job Duties – What Are the Responsibilities of a Retail Store Shift Leader?
At the core, shift leaders act as the store manager when the actual manager may be unavailable. Among the most important duties, shift managers in a retail setting make sure operations runs smoothly, efficiently, and without too many incidents. Shift leaders accomplish these primary job duties by appointing and directing the right number of staff members for any given work period. In order to be effective, shift leads should have some general knowledge of the jobs and duties of the workers under their authority.

Job Qualifications – What Are the Requirements for a Retail Store Shift Lead Job?
Shift leaders need to be proficient in several kinds of communication to be effective. First, a shift leader must be able to coordinate with staff members effectively and keep a sense of order and cooperation. Other workers must look at the shift leader as someone to turn to for advice or support. On top of that, a shift leader must accurately fulfill the desires of the other managers. The shift leader must also deal professionally with any customer questions or concerns. Usually, shift manager jobs require no educational qualifications. Job candidates should have retail work experience and be at least 18 years of age.

Salary & Compensation – How Much Can a Retail Store Shift Leader Make?
The average starting pay for shift leaders in the retail industry stands between $8.00 and $12.00 an hour. Factors such as experience, employer, and location influence retail wages. Some of the most popular states to find shift leader jobs include California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania. In states with higher minimum wages, shift managers often earn upwards of $20 per hour. The average national salary for shift leaders in the retail industry hovers around $30,000 a year.

Retail Store Stock Clerk

Job Duties – What Are the Responsibilities of a Retail Store Stock Associate?
Retail stock clerks perform an assortment of job duties and procedures for employers. Though duties may vary greatly depending on the type of store, stocking responsibilities typically involve receiving shipments, storing goods, and filling merchandise and other materials on the sales floor. Retail stock associates perform duties based on customer need. Stock workers may check incoming store deliveries and verify that orders match. Stock associates may also be responsible for merchandise inventory. Typically, stockers should be familiar with merchandise prices, locations, quantity, and other pertinent information to assist both customers and fellow employees.

Job Qualifications – What Are the Requirements for a Retail Store Stock Associate Job?
As the face of many retail companies, stock associates must possess good customer service skills. While many employers hire workers as young as 16 years old, some equipment operated by stock clerks may require, by state law, a minimum age of 18. Knowledge of store merchandise, such as location and price, may be necessary, but this knowledge will come with training and experience. Generally, job candidates need not possess any educational qualifications or work experience.

Salary & Compensation – How Much Can a Retail Store Stock Associate Make?
The average starting pay for a retail stock clerk rests between $8.00 and $10.00 per hour. Depending on factors like employer and location, experienced stock associates may earn as much as $15.00 an hour. The best states to find work as a retail stock clerk include California, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Stockers in these highly populated states typically earn around $12.00 an hour. Overall, the national average hourly wage for retail stock clerks stands at about $11.00 per hour.

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