Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

Featuring more than 2,500 rooms, Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino operates as a popular resort in Las Vegas, NV. Applicants seeking tourism industry jobs should take interest in employment available with the massive lodge, as employees regularly enjoy career growth opportunities and competitive pay.

Facts About Working at Rio All-Suite Hotel And Casino

Hiring Age: 21 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Rio All Suite Hotel And Casino?)

Available Positions: Casino Team Member, Cashier, Order Taker, Housekeeper, Automation Operator, Busser, Runner, Bus Person, Cabana Host, Casino Marketing Representative, Chef, Concierge, Cook, Cook Helper, Maintenance Technician, Food Server, Fountain Worker, Front Services Coordinator, Host Person, Lead Sales Associate, Lifeguard, Linen Service Associate, Massage Therapist, Pool Receptionist, Retail Sales Associate, Sommelier, Special Events Project Coordinator, Vending Attendant, Card Dealer, Assistant Manager, Employee Relations Specialist, Guest Room Attendant, Security Officer, Spa Representative, Utility Porter, VIP Lounge Representative, Valet Parking Attendant

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino Employment Opportunities

Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino boasts themes modeled after the principle namesake city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Casino and hotel grounds as well as employees exemplify the culture of the Brazilian city using colorful and exotic design schemes, costumes, and props to complete the desired decorative effects. Work environments largely include bright, lively, and energetic settings highlighted by live performances and round-the-clock services. Several bars and restaurants operate within the hotel and about the resort grounds as well as retail stores selling souvenirs. Most jobs remain high-paced and customer-intensive due to the nature of the travel and hospitality industries and the heavy and ongoing patronage experienced by the resort on an annual basis.

The Las Vegas hotel regularly hires for gaming, housekeeping, and guest relations vacancies. Other areas of employment commonly available include work in security, valet services, restaurant operations, and concierge. Regardless of position, workers must possess the ability to assume a variety of shifts and stand at least 21 years of age. Large influxes of international guests require teams of associates trained in various languages. The ability to speak Spanish, French, German, Cantonese, Mandarin, and other major world languages greatly aids applicants already equipped with excellent English-speaking skills. Additional hiring requirements generally vary by department and specific position. However, the resort often imposes drug testing and background checks as preliminary employment screenings.

Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino Jobs and Salary Information

A majority of Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino jobs involve some aspect of customer service. Workers consistently greet guests in lively, entertaining environments and must understand the basics of catering to guest needs in order to thrive as resort employees. Associates receive paid training upon hire and undergo continued instruction as part of career development programs while on staff. Both full-time and part-time roles remain readily available. Applicants may apply online for the following casino jobs:

Hotel Guest Room Attendant

  • Members of housekeeping, hotel guest room attendants clean and maintain resort grounds, specifically guest rooms and hotel hallway corridors.
  • Responsibilities center on daily upkeep, including reporting damages and noting instances where additional measures prove necessary in order to maintain cleanliness.
  • Most hotel guest room attendants work varied hours from one week to the next, with shifts sometimes lasting well into the night and early morning.
  • The prominent resort hires personable, self-motivated, and physically fit individuals able to stand, walk, and push cleaning carts as needed in addition to lifting as much as 50lbs. comfortably at a time.
  • Applicants should also understand the uses and safety protocols associated with cleaning solutions and equipment.
  • Average pay rates fall between $12.00 and $15.00 per hour.

Games Dealer

  • Applicants interested in gaming careers may take interest in dealer jobs.
  • Minimum qualifications include six months of previous experience as a licensed dealer, groomed appearances, excellent math skills, and the ability to speak English fluently.
  • Due to the nature of many table games, dealers must stand in place for long periods of time without breaks and handle irate or disorderly outbursts from patrons in professional manners, if necessary.
  • Rio usually puts prospective dealer employees through auditions to gauge related abilities prior to hiring.
  • Many games dealers work full-time; however, part-time opportunities remain available, as well.
  • Shift options regularly vary week to week.
  • Entry-level games dealers make around $9.00 or $10.00 hourly, with experienced associates earning more than $50,000 annual salary, plus tips.


  • Entry-level bartender jobs require at least two years of experience as professional bartenders and high school-equivalent educations.
  • Job duties include pouring and serving drinks, cleaning work stations, interacting with patrons, and answering questions about hotel amenities and casino grounds.
  • Successful candidates understand how to entertain guests and utilize creative ways to serve drinks.
  • Teamwork and trustworthiness also remain high priorities among potential bartending associates, as the positions involve a great deal of cash-handling responsibilities in collaborative settings.
  • Depending on personal abilities, a bartender may start out earning $20,000 to $30,000 a year, with annual salary options rising over time through experience gained.

Tips For Applying

Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino primarily screens candidates for related backgrounds. Workers should possess at least some familiarity with the procedures encountered during any given day in desired roles. Some positions, such as table games dealer and bartender, additionally require official licensing or certification. Applicants need to obtain licensures prior to participating in the hiring process in order to improve odds of employment. Customer service or guest relations experience may also bolster hiring chances and lead to additional review.

Application Status

Using the careers page supported by parent company Caesars Entertainment, Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino applicants submit hiring forms online and then await contact for recruitment personnel. A typical job hunter spends between two and three weeks going through the necessary procedures for employment consideration prior to receiving an official offer. Contact may take place via telephone or email. Applicants may check on the statuses of applications using the web-based job portal at any time by logging in through personal profiles. Calling or emailing management in desired departments also serve as effective methods of follow up.

Benefits of Working at Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino

Large hotels like Rio Las Vegas often provide workers with onsite amenities specifically designated for staff. The popular Nevada hotel offers employee fitness centers and cafeterias. Associates also enjoy ongoing career development programs and competitive salary options.

Individuals in full-time roles also regularly receive:

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Medical
  • Dental, and vision insurance coverage, and
  • Paid time off.

Additional Information on Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino

In 2005, Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino began hosting the international championships for Texas Hold em’ Poker. The event, known as World Series of Poker, draws thousands of the best poker players in the world, with participation regularly ranging between 6,000 and 8,000 players. World Series of Poker offers multi-million dollar cash prizes for the winners. Competition features $10,000 no-limit buy-ins and single elimination formats.

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