Rivers Casino Interview Questions & Tips

How the Hiring Process Works

With locations in Illinois and Pennsylvania, Rivers Casino offers numerous jobs throughout each resort property. Consequently, the Rivers Casino interview process varies greatly by position. Rivers Casino often uses introductory phone interviews, skills and personality tests, and combinations of group, panel, or 1:1 interviews to screen for qualified workers. In some cases, Rivers Casino hiring managers ask interviewees to perform presentations showcasing relevant job skills or personality traits. Successful candidates typically go through one or two rounds of Rivers Casino job interviews before earning offers of employment. Upon completing the Rivers Casino hiring process, new associates usually undergo background checks and oral drug testing during pre-employment orientation periods.

What to Expect During Your Interview

Rivers Casino interview questions commonly probe into work history, job skills, character traits, and interest in the position. Interviewees seeking Rivers Casino jobs must often respond to situational questions asking for proper ways to resolve hypothetical workplace issues involving customers or coworkers. Rivers Casino interviewers may also request detailed accounts of positive and negative situations encountered at previous jobs. Prospective employees regularly need to demonstrate specific required skills during the Rivers Casino interview process. Potential game dealers, for instance, often have to take math tests, while applicants interviewing for Rivers Casino cook positions may be asked to prepare food samples.

Tips for Success

When responding to Rivers Casino interview questions, keep answers positive and focused on customer satisfaction. Responses should also showcase a strong work ethic and an outgoing personality indicating suitability for Rivers Casino jobs, which largely revolve around constant interaction with guests and coworkers alike. Make sure to bring up any prior experience in the casino or hospitality industries, in addition to clearly showing how any other jobs you held relate to the duties and responsibilities of the position desired at Rivers Casino. Above all, show a strong desire for the position and a willingness to go above and beyond the standard Rivers Casino job duties.


  • concerned possible applicant says:

    What type of drug test do they use? Urine or blood or saliva?

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