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Smoothie retailer Robeks hires service-oriented candidates for entry-level and professional positions. Aspirants seeking customer service and food preparation work regularly find jobs with company. The chain operates over 100 stores and generates abundant employment opportunities.

Facts About Working at Robeks

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Robeks?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Team Member, Food Prep, Smoothie Maker, Service Engineer, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager, Administrative Assistant, Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Pricing Coordinator, Human Resources Coordinator, Human Resources Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Robeks Job Opportunities

Robeks seeks staff members with passions for health-conscious drinks and lifestyles. Workers must prove knowledgeable about nutritional supplements available for customers. Food preparation skills also remain important, as some store locations feature sandwiches and wraps in addition to the signature smoothies. Jobs with the beverage chain prove especially suitable for individuals seeking to gain food industry experience. Candidates with prior backgrounds in the field may find attractive prospects for work with the company, as well.

The franchised company quickly prepares nutritious drinks to offer healthy options for busy individuals. Job candidates often find Robeks locations in corporate districts and high-traffic urban areas. The steady business the franchise generates through widespread operations and popularity continues to provide aspirants with employment options. Work seekers in Qatar and Japan may also find employment with the chain, as select locations exist in the countries.

Robeks Positions and Pay Scales

Applicants need to stand at least 16 years of age to obtain work through the chain. Jobs consistently prove available for new employment seekers and savvy professionals alike. Entry-level positions pay reasonable hourly wages, while higher roles boast attractive annual salary options. Robeks must hire motivated employees for the following positions:

Team Member

  • Interacting directly with customers, team members fulfill essential food service and cashier duties.
  • Typical responsibilities range from taking orders and providing change after accepting payments to blending drinks and cleaning equipment.
  • Individuals must prove capable of prolonged standing, as employees stand behind counters for the duration of shifts.
  • Though team member roles remain accessible entry-level opportunities for workers regardless of experience, managers may prefer to pursue candidates with high school diplomas or GED equivalents.
  • Largely working in part-time capacities, employees earn about $8.00 per hour.

Shift Leader

  • Shift leaders oversee staff operations under the direction of store managers.
  • Everyday duties include enforcing company policies, training team members, answering customer questions, and directly serving patrons.
  • Shift leaders may also need to take inventory, open and close stores, and accurately count register drawers.
  • Employees motivate subordinates and drive company productivity.
  • Supervisory workers at Robeks typically hold high school diplomas or the equivalent and possess at least one year of food service or retail experience.
  • Average hourly wages stand at $10.00.

Tips For Applying

As jobs with the company primarily involve interacting with patrons, hiring managers seek individuals with upbeat and respectful personalities. Applicants should stand able to confidently answer interview questions about work histories, customer service skills, food safety, and availabilities while remaining friendly and polite. Candidates with sufficient credentials may also prepare resumes to submit when applying to Robeks. The company primarily uses paper applications available at store locations.

Application Status

Job hopefuls living near Robeks shops may find lucrative work opportunities by inquiring in person or by phone with the company. After submitting applications, store visits or calls remain encouraged follow up methods. Wait until hiring personnel finish with pressing duties before asking questions, as pestering staff during crucial business tasks may leave negative impressions and reduce chances of hire. Web forms exist for candidates to check with human resources employees about application statuses, as well.

Benefits of Working at Robeks

Though traditional work benefits packages, such as:

  • Medical insurance
  • Paid time off, and
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Often only stand available to corporate employees and full-time store managers,
  • other competitive perks exist for Robeks staff members.

In addition to base pay, employees gain valuable industry experience in positive customer service environments. Entry-level job benefits also include paid training, flexible scheduling, casual uniform requirements, and advancement opportunities through in-house promotions. Employees enjoy free and discounted smoothie options, as well.

More Details on Robeks

Robeks offers rewards and other incentives for repeat guests. Loyal patrons earn points toward free smoothies with each purchase. Email and text alerts stand available to update customers on new and upcoming promotions. Founded in Los Angeles, CA, in 1996, the company continues growth as a leading smoothie chain.

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