Royal Caribbean International Interview Questions & Tips

Phone or Webcam Interviews

Responsible for staffing a fleet of more than 20 cruise ships, Royal Caribbean International holds job interviews regularly to find talented crew members with particular skill sets and the willingness to fulfill four-month or six-month contracts working at sea. The interview process generally takes applicants through at least three separate interview sessions. Interviews often take place by phone or webcam, especially for candidates residing far from the main ports or offices of the cruise line. Authorized hiring partners frequently conduct preliminary interviews and select applicants for further interviewing with cruise ship managers or human resource representatives.

How to Prepare for Your Interview

Thoroughly prepare for interviews by reviewing the ways in which your employment history and professional achievements match up with the specific requirements of the position desired. If interviewing in-person, arrive a few minutes early and dressed in traditional business attire. Royal Caribbean International encourages male interviewees to wear neckties with business suits, while female applicants should stick to conservative outfits with minimal accessories or jewelry. Candidates should also have both paper and electronic resume copies readily available. In addition to fielding questions posed by hiring officials, applicants seeking certain positions may have to complete computerized assessments during the interview process.

Questions to Expect

Royal Caribbean interviewers often ask questions which require potential employees to respond by using specific examples gleaned from past work experience, like:

  • "Can you describe a difficult issue encountered at your last job and how you handled the situation?"
Other examples of common interview questions include:
  • "What do you know about our cruise line?"
  • "What do you think our company does?"
  • "What interests you most about this employment opportunity?"
Interviews may also include brief roleplaying exercises where the hiring representative plays the part of a cruise ship passenger needing the assistance or attention of the prospective crew member. Regardless of the type of question, applicants should respond as confidently, enthusiastically, and knowledgably as possible. After interviewing, job seekers must pass a pre-employment health screening and criminal background check to complete the hiring process.


  • Meryem Büyükbayram says:

    I like to work gest shop anyshop for the store.
    I hope I can work royal carribbean because royal carribbean is big company if I can find a job.
    I will very happy.
    Thank you very much for royal carribbean.

  • alfredo juarez says:

    i will like to work on board as a cleaner or customer related job it will be mi first time so i need help i have work on land in guatemala as a tour coordinator on land so i will love to work on board any of your amazing ships

    • Favourite says:

      Iwant to want for this company because its a very big company I’m happy if I find job to this company

  • Taramattie balram says:

    Hey guys I have a passion and dream of working with u guys on Oasis of the Sea.
    Some of my friends who are current employees have told me how wonderful and exciting it is.
    I would be grateful and happy if u guys can send me an email asap on how to apply from Trinidad and Tobago.
    Thank you


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