Royal Farms Interview Questions & Tips

Applying for an Interview

The Royal Farms interview process consists of a brief question-and-answer session with a manager. Most applicants receive interview consideration within a few days of submitting hiring request forms; however, some prospective employees may not hear back from a hiring manager for several weeks, depending on the volume of eligible candidates. Prepare for the interview process by reviewing employment history and relevant job skills. Applicants may also want to bring an updated resume and a printed availability form for the manager to review during the interview.

What to Expect During the Interview Process

Attend the meeting in a timely manner and ready to showcase abilities and impress hiring personnel. Popular questions posed at Royal Farms interviews include:

  • “Why do you want to work here?”
  • “Can you work nights, weekends, or holidays?”
  • “How would you handle an angry customer?”
Avoid over-elaborate answers and limit responses to 60 or 90 seconds per question, if possible. Stay on topic and try to relate previous experience from past employment to the position desired. Job seekers who communicate the ability to work long or irregular hours may receive additional hiring consideration. Exude confidence, smile often, and maintain a professional demeanor to leave a lasting impression on recruitment personnel. Conclude the interview with a firm handshake and follow up with the hiring manager within a few days of the final interview to check on employment status.

What the Company Looks For in an Employee

As a gas station chain, Royal Farms regularly offers positions featuring customer-service related duties. Applicants must feel comfortable working with the general public as well as with handling transactions at the cash register and issuing proper change. Some basic maintenance, stocking, and sanitation prove necessary components of most jobs available, as well. Workers need to execute daily tasks in organized, efficient, and consistent manners. Demonstration of abilities related to common gas station industry responsibilities through past experiences may advance applicants into further rounds of consideration for employment.

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