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With more than 800 stores in major shopping centers and strip malls across the country, rue21 serves as a primary destination for boys and girls seeking the latest fashion trends. The rapidly growing retail chain also functions as a workplace for thousands of associates nationwide.

Facts About Working at Rue21

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Rue21?)

Available Positions: Cashier, management, sales associate, stock associate, stocker

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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rue21 Job Opportunities

To maintain the vast workforce necessary for operating a fashion retail chain boasting one of the highest rates of growth in the country, rue21 must hire new employees on a continual basis throughout the year. The fashion retailer needs entry-level and experienced workers to fill a variety of jobs. Entry-level associates and managers alike work in trendy store environments and handle fashionable apparel on the job. Commonly offered employment opportunities range from sales and stock positions, which demand little-or-no experience, to management careers requiring a history of working in fashion retail.

In addition to working with the trendiest fashions, rue21 employees receive full training and regularly complete tasks by cooperating with other team-oriented associates. The fashionable employer also promotes from within and provides qualified entry-level workers with opportunities to move into management positions relatively quickly. Upon satisfying the companywide age minimum of 16, job seekers may apply online or in person for employment. The fashion retail chain conducts hiring to fill part-time and full-time jobs. By offering both part-time and full-time work, the major employer demonstrates a preference for applicants capable of adhering to flexible schedules based on the specific business needs of the particular store location.

rue21 Positions and Salary Information

Constantly on the lookout for new talent, rue21 seeks motivated workers with a flair for dressing fashionably and delivering superior customer service. In addition to hiring permanent associates to work part-time and full-time, the fashion retailer typically offers seasonal employment opportunities during the peak shopping periods of the year. Part-time, full-time, and seasonal job seekers may apply for the following positions either online or in store:

Sales Associate

  • Available exclusively in store, the position of sales associate largely entails the execution of various customer service duties, such as greeting and assisting shoppers, ringing up purchases, and answering questions about merchandise and promotions.
  • Sales associates also provide fitting room assistance and ensure the cleanliness and visual appeal of stores.
  • Job seekers looking to establish a history of employment for the first time regularly qualify for sales associate opportunities, as rue21 commonly hires inexperienced workers to fill the entry-level position.
  • However, candidates with previous experience in customer service or retail frequently stand out during the hiring process.
  • Sales associates work on foot, often for hours at a time, and typically earn between minimum wage and $9.00 an hour.

Stock Associate

  • While sales associates interact with customers in public sections of the store, stock associates primarily work in backroom areas away from shoppers.
  • Workers employed as stock associates process incoming shipments of merchandise and make sure inventory stays organized while in storage.
  • Specific job duties include preparing merchandise for hanging or folding, moving garments to the sales floor, and cleaning the stockroom.
  • Stock associates also affix security sensors to new merchandise, keep track of supplies like hangers and pins, and perform light store maintenance.
  • Candidates applying for the entry-level job need to prove capable of lifting and carrying heavy or bulky items on a regular basis during work shifts.
  • Stock associate jobs generally pay around $8.00 per hour.


  • Like many other retail chains, rue21 divides managerial responsibilities between assistant managers and store managers at each location.
  • Assistant managers control and minimize shrink, drive and maximize sales, motivate and supervise employees, and ensure fulfillment of all company standards regarding store cleanliness, organization, and the presentation of merchandise.
  • Additional duties include helping the store manager with tasks like budgeting, training new associates, and resolving customer issues.
  • Required to possess about a year of previous retail management experience, assistant managers earn between $9.00 and $14.00 an hour, depending on part-time or full-time employment status.

Store managers, on the other hand, typically work full-time and enjoy annual salary options of about $40,000. As the highest ranking employees at rue21 retail outlets, store managers maintain responsibility for recruiting and hiring new associates, training workers to achieve maximum performance consistently, planning for and controlling expenses, and executing company directives for product displays, pricing, and signage. Other management duties include overseeing essential retail processes, such as shipping, receiving, and cash control. The ideal store manager already possesses a couple years of retail management experience and communicates effectively, provides strong leadership, plans and strategies, evaluates and develops talent, and handles various business situations.

Tips For Applying

While candidates pursuing management careers may apply online for employment, entry-level job seekers must visit the store in person and fill out a paper application. Applying in person gives prospective employees the chance to showcase experiences, skills, and fashion sense in memorable ways. Before visiting the store, applicants should become familiar with the rue21 concept and dress in accordance with the trendy, fashionable image of the brand. At the store, candidates should fill out the application form legibly and, if possible, emphasize the ability to work a flexible schedule determined by the staffing needs of the location. Bringing a resume makes it easy to locate required information and complete the application form efficiently. Upon completing the form, ask to see a manager and submit the document personally. Meeting the manager during the application process allows the job seeker to show initiative, give personal reasons for pursuing the specific employment opportunity, and make a positive impression on the person responsible for making hiring decisions.

Application Status

Large retail chains like rue21 regularly experience high rates of employee turnover and often hire applicants quickly as a result. However, each store in the chain maintains unique staffing needs, and the length of the hiring process varies by location. After submitting the application, if a week or two passes without word from the employer, candidates should follow up by contacting the appropriate store location by phone or in person. Following up in person creates another opportunity to illustrate an interest in fashion and demonstrate suitability for the job. Regardless of the method, follow-up contact should reveal the status of the submitted application and reiterate desire for the position.

Benefits of Working at rue21

Workers employed at rue21 stores enjoy a number of job perks. Entry-level associates receive competitive base pay, while full-time managers take advantage of generous salary options. The fashion retail chain also offers comprehensive employment benefits to eligible workers. Employees regularly gain access to assistance and programs for future planning, insurance coverage, and personal development. Specific job benefits include:

  • Paid time off for vacation
  • Sick leave and personal days

Qualified employees also earn merchandise discounts and opportunities to enroll in savings and retirement programs, such as 401(k) retirement plans.

Additional Information on rue21

Specializing in trendy apparel for boys and girls, rue21 maintains a varied collection of brands to reach the target audience more effectively. For girls, the fashion retailer offers the etc! and tarea product lines, which consist of accessories and lingerie, respectively. The retail chain includes accessories for men in the CARBON elements collection of products and uses the rueGuy brand to sell apparel for young men. Derived from French, the first part of the rue21 company name means ‘street’, while the number represents the ideal age at which people gain inspiration from fashion and style.


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    How much does a rue 21 employee make an hour?

    • Sarah says:

      Depends on state

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    I love shopping a Rue 21. I want to know, does Rue 21 give employee discounts?

  • Lashond says:

    I worked for rue 21 for 12 years. Working for rue 21 was the greatest experience of my life.
    I was number 1 in fragrance sales. My add on with customers and my units per transaction transactions were very impressive.
    Working for rue 21 I learned a lot about sales and fashion. The customers were great as well.

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    Where can I fill out the Rue21 application?

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    Where can I fill out the Rue21 application?

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