RVCA Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring process information for an interview at RVCA

Navigating the Interview Process

A rising action-sports apparel retailer, RVCA needs dependable and outgoing individuals to provide customer care. RVCA uses a casual interview process to screen for quality applicants. Most RVCA interviews are held one-on-one with a hiring manager or shift leader. Interviewers often start the process with informal conversation. Subjects touched on include favorite movies and music. Once questioning begins, applicants should expect to face:

  • “What do you know about RVCA?”
  • “What kinds of trends do you see at RVCA?”
  • “Why are you attracted to fashion?”
  • “What would you do to get a customer to return to the store?”
Applicants may also be asked to role play in sales scenarios. Managers often give job offers to applicants that perform well during interviews.

Preparing for the Interview

RVCA represents actions sports, art, music, fashion, and modern living in one brand. The chain looks for associates that embody the RVCA values inside and out. Applicants that surf, snowboard, skate, or live active life styles are prime candidates for RVCA jobs. During RCVA interviews, applicants should show how they match the company culture by talking about favorite music, fashions, and sports. In general, job seekers should express enthusiasm and genuineness. Throughout RCVA job interviews, applicants should smile often and provide positive answers to all questions posed. Bringing up relevant fashion retail and sales experience often benefits job seekers, as well.

What to Wear

As a laidback, active sport wear retailer, RVCA shies away from applicants who wear suits to the interview process. Instead, job seekers should dress casual and, if possible, in RVCA clothing. Applicants looking for ideas on how to dress for RVCA interviews should model wardrobes after current employees.

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