Ryan’s Interview Questions & Tips

Face-to-Face Interviews

Ryan's, a well-known buffet restaurant, boasts 200 locations in 23 states and frequently hires on new associates to fill restaurant crew, management, and corporate support positions. Applicants request employment online or at a store location and often receive contact from hiring representatives within a few days to set up an interview. Hiring managers typically conduct one, face-to-face interview with entry-level candidates before making employment decisions, often at the conclusion of the meeting. Managerial applicants should expect a more drawn-out hiring process consisting of multiple interviews.

What to Expect During Your Interview

Entry-level applicants frequently respond to inquiries regarding past employment, reasons for applying, and availability. Hiring staff sometimes pose scenarios to see how candidates respond to certain situations. The following questions represent common themes touched on in Ryan's job interviews:

  • "Have you worked in the food service industry before?"
  • "How would you respond to a customer who complains about his/her bill?"
  • "Can you work weekends?"
Applicants may want to rehearse basic interview questions to better prepare for each meeting. Conducting some research on company values may also serve as a useful tool for potential interview questions. On the day of each interview, applicants should arrive before the scheduled meeting times dressed in appropriate attire.

Managerial Interviews

The hiring process for management positions usually requires candidates to undergo phone screenings before scheduling face-to-face meetings. Hiring staff generally use phone interviews to inquire about management experience and assess basic personality traits. Once invited to an in-store interview, managerial applicants should prepare for questions regarding customer service scenarios. Interviewers often ask situational questions like, "How would you deal with a subordinate mistreating a customer?" and "How would you respond to a customer who complains about a server?" to gauge problem-solving and communication skills. Candidates who incorporate knowledge of Ryan's values into responses may impress hiring staff. Always thank interviewers for the opportunity, and express an authentic desire to work with the national buffet restaurant chain.

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