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Sally Beauty Supply manages a sizeable chain of retail stores in the United States and focuses on health and beauty products for women. According to the company website, the beauty supply chain ranks among the largest in the world. Such widespread operations provide ample opportunities for interested job seekers to find gainful employment with the renowned retail chain.

Facts About Working at Sally Beauty Supply

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Sally Beauty Supply?)

Available Positions: Assistant manager, cashier, district manager, manager, sales associate

Printable Application: Yes. Print Sally Beauty Supply application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

Sally Beauty Supply Job Opportunities

With a focus on selling health and beauty supplies, the retailer mainly offers customer service positions at each location. Applicants may choose from part-time or full-time entry-level positions and professional careers also featuring full-time schedules. Each position involves customer-intensive job duties, with associates interacting with patrons on a regular basis. Prospective employees must work well with others and possess general knowledge of hair, skin, and other hygiene-related products in order to gain employment.

The thousands of products for sale at every Sally Beauty Supply store serve as odes to the strong ties the brand holds in the industry. Incoming associates must meet company standards in terms of product knowledge, including application and practical use, for employment consideration. In order to bring new hires up to speed, the retailer provides paid and ongoing training for employees. Jobs available also include room for growth into supervisory or managerial positions. Corporate careers at the company headquarters also exist but usually require four-year degrees and extensive experience in fashion retail or other related fields.

Sally Beauty Supply Positions and Salary Information

Sally Beauty Supply jobs represent ideal opportunities for inexperienced workers. The minimum hiring age for employment consideration sits at 16, which allows high school and college students alike to build resumes and gain insight into the beauty product retail industry. Stores within the popular chain also hire on managers and other career-oriented professionals to carry out administrative, logistics, and supervisory duties. Readily available opportunities for work regularly include the following positions:

Sales Associate

  • A position featuring both part-time and full-time schedule options, sales associate jobs include greeting customers, making product recommendations, demonstrating merchandise, and completing transactions.
  • Broad knowledge of health and beauty supplies usually benefits prospective workers.
  • Personable attitudes and willingness to learn and adapt also work to the favor of potential employees.
  • The retail chain primarily hires on sales associates to work part-time or between 15 and 30 hours per week.
  • Typical job duties regularly place interpersonal demands on employees in addition to minor manual labor, i.e. lifting, bending, and stooping to retrieve products and stock shelves.
  • The average sales associate earns minimum wage starting pay, with hourly rates generally topping out around $10.00.


  • Primary management tasks include hiring and training new employees, setting work schedules, driving sales, implementing promotions, delegating daily responsibilities, monitoring theft, and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Workers may assume assistant manager or store manager titles.
  • Assistant managers work more closely with entry-level personnel, while store managers communicate directly with the company corporate offices and handle other administrative duties, like payroll, budget analysis, and store sales goals.
  • Applicants must stand at least 18 years old and hold high school diplomas to gain consideration during the hiring process.
  • Experience in the retail industry, specifically backgrounds in beauty supply sales, may also prove necessary for hire.
  • Assistant managers traditionally start out earning hourly pay between $9.00 and $10.00.
  • Store managers make annual salary options sometimes reaching in excess of $40,000.

Tips For Applying

Job hopefuls regularly encounter skills tests during the hiring process. Sally Beauty Supply uses the skills test in order to weed out individuals unfit for available positions. After meeting with recruitment personnel initially, potential associates encounter assessments designed to gauge knowledge of beauty products, ethics in the workplace, and hypothetical reactions to common retail situations. The assessment may take anywhere from 20 minutes to a half hour to complete. Applicants need to provide honest and truthful answers on the assessment. Receiving high scores on the skills test usually serves as a direct precursor to gaining employment. Applicants should also mark open availability on the required hiring forms, as the retailer generally assigns varied schedules for new-hire, entry-level employees.

Application Status

The formal hiring process for Sally Beauty Supply jobs may take as little as a day to complete and up to four weeks to navigate, depending on position desired. Applicants may check on the status of any outstanding application throughout the process by calling the desired store and speaking directly with a manager. Candidates may also visit locations in person to inquire about the status of an application. In most cases, the beauty supply retailer notifies successful applicants of employment the same day as the final hiring session. However, large candidate pools may affect the ability of managers to make immediate decisions. Check back with the store within a couple of days of completing the final interview if no formal offer became readily apparent.

Benefits of Working at Sally Beauty Supply

Learning industry trends and keeping up with standards of care in terms of health and beauty remain at the forefront of job benefits employees enjoy upon hire. Workers receive comprehensive training and competitive wages in addition to potential growth opportunities into managerial careers. Qualified associates working full-time also receive employee benefits packages. Though varying by franchise, typical employment benefits packages consist of:

  • 401(k) plans
  • Sick pay, vacation and holidays
  • Employee profit sharing plans, and
  • Medical coverage, including dental and prescription drug plans.

More Information on Sally Beauty Supply

The Sally Beauty Supply website provides in-depth tips and tricks on product application and use and revitalizing looks. At the bottom of the homepage, under the tab labeled Beauty Tips, consumers find dozens of articles on topics like curing hair frizz, highlighting, touching up makeup throughout the day, the best mascara colors to wear seasonally, and other health and beauty-related subjects. Areas of interest center on hair, nails, skin, and makeup.


  • Monica says:

    I heard you need to have a cosmetology license to get a job at Sally Beauty Supply.. is this true?

    • Dani says:

      No you do not, but knowledge of the products/ingredients is a must.

  • Betty says:

    yes they do require a Cosmetology License.

  • Ruth says:

    I worked for Sally’s starting off as a sales associate for 1 month. Then became a manager; I worked in Louisiana and in Georgia. I really enjoyed my job. I love the crews that I worked with and the company is a great company.

  • Contenia M. Mathis says:

    I have worked for Sally’s Beauty Supply.
    The areas of location employed with Sally’s: Tampa and Saint Petersburg, Florida. I enjoyed the communication with staff and customers, whether the circumstance was professional / nonprofessional. This is a pleasant job.

  • Keysi says:

    is it required to have a cosmetology license to work at sally as cashier?

  • Zoe Fulgham says:

    I don’t have a cosmetology license and I’m only 16. Do I still have a chance to work at Sally?

  • Olivia says:

    i’m only 16 and i don’t have a cosmetology license can i still work ?

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