Sally Beauty Supply Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Sally Beauty Supply

The Sally Beauty Supply hiring process generally spans two or three weeks. A majority of time spent in the process involves waiting for interview consideration after submitting the proper hiring materials. Applicants receive phone calls to schedule interviews. Hiring personnel may take as long as a month to get back to potential hires. Once contacted, the Sally Beauty Supply hiring process moves quickly, with job interviews and final hiring decisions made within a few days' time.

What to Expect During the Hiring Process

Hiring manager most widely use informal, one-to-one interview formats to screen applicants. The meetings usually take place in store backrooms and last between 30 and 40 minutes. Many locations make candidates watch 20-minute tutorial videos on employee interaction with customers and general operations. Sally Beauty Supply interview questions also touch on operations and customer service, as well as personality traits and hours of availability.

Common Interview Questions

Question encountered during the Sally Beauty Supply interview process may include:

  • "Do you have a background in cosmetology?"
  • "Can you tell me a little about your previous job(s)?"
  • "What draws you to work at Sally Beauty Supply?"

What the Company Looks for in an Employee

Job seekers should demonstrate the ability to provide helpful information regarding fashion and beauty products. As far as personalities go, upbeat, courteous, and energetic individuals fare best during the Sally Beauty Supply interview process. The beauty care retail chain looks for applicants to work all hours, including nights and weekends. Open availability therefore aids prospective job seekers in gaining formal job offers from the nationwide chain of beauty supply stores. Sally Beauty Supply hiring managers routinely make hiring decisions at the end of the concluding interview.


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