Sbarro Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Sbarro

An international restaurant chain with more than 1,000 locations, Sbarro looks for employees with a knack for hospitality and serving quality food. Applicants may find upper-level job opportunities on the company website, while information about entry-level positions often resides in-store. The pizza chain utilizes a fairly simple and efficient hiring process. In fact, most applicants receive formal contact for interviews within a few days of submitting hiring forms. Initial interviews may take place over the phone, but most final interviews happen in-store with one or more hiring personnel. Attend Sbarro interviews dressed in appropriate, business-casual attire. Interviews for entry-level positions typically last between 15 and 30 minutes. Interviewees should remain focused and polite throughout the entirety of the meeting.

Common Interview Questions

Expect to answer questions regarding availability and previous employment at Sbarro job interviews. Other interview content may include information about job duties and employer expectations. Some interviewers take a more entertaining route and ask questions like: "If you could only eat one type of pizza for the rest of your life, what would it be?" and "What is your favorite television show?" Additionally, applicants should compile a list of questions to ask hiring personnel during the interview process. Include inquiries about training programs, work conditions, and advancement opportunities.

Managerial Interviews

Upper-level candidates encounter a more intense set of interviews with Sbarro to ensure they are qualified to tackle the various challenges the position offers. Topics of discussion include elements of customer service, food preparation, inventory, ordering supplies, and scheduling workers. Prepare by reviewing work history and researching pizza shop insider language. Mentally rehearsing potential managerial scenarios also proves to be an effective way to train for interviews.


  • Camilloy says:

    I need an interview tip on how to get a job at sbarro. I am thinking that the mall would be a great place to work. What should I wear to the interview, by they way thanks for helped me find lots of applications real quick

  • Jeremy says:

    I work there and I must say that they have high standards. Look your best and wear dress clothes, no jeans or t-shirts. I wore some black dress pants with a white dress shirt. During your interview be very clear with the achievements you have made and leadership skills you have. Also, people that are very perky and always in a good mood normally ALWAYS get hired. Your job is to get peoples attention and be in a great mood, yelling at people to come try a sample or check out the hot pizza is a important part of the job, you almost have to act like a salesman. What can I say, its a job, may not be the best job out there but they pay decent and have some nice perks that come along with it, but man do they have A LOT of dishes at the end of the night!!! So if you close then be prepared, but you get to take home all the food that didn’t sell! I think my fridge is full now!

  • Johnny says:

    Went to S’barro in the mall. They had a sign that said immediate interview possible. I was dressed in slacks long sleeve shirt and tie. (dress code there is polo shirts and black pants)
    As soon as I completed the application and handed it back in, the General Manager shook my hand and came out and talked to me.

    Just asked how quick a learner I was, and if I had ever worked for a food place before (which I technically have not). He asked if I was at least 18 (requirement to operate ovens)

    And asked me if I knew how to do the dishes. Then he said he would contact me next week to fill out all my forms whilst telling me the dress code and writing “hired” on my application.

    Total interview time was about 20 minutes.

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