Scheels Interview Questions & Tips

Lengthy interview Process

Scheels is a premier sporting goods retailer that hires the best associates possible. The retail chain uses a lengthy interview process to screen potential workers. Applicants usually face several rounds of interviews along with written exams. The average Scheels interview lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. After interviewing concludes, applicants often need to submit to drug screening and background checks.

Questions to Expect

For most Scheels jobs, applicants need to partake in two to four interviews. Interviews are typically held 1:1 with store managers. Preliminary interviews typically cover personality traits, and applicants often face light, easy-to-answer questions such as:

  • "What is your favorite sport?"
  • "If you were an animal, what would you be and why?"
  • "Why would you like to work at Scheels?"
Later interviews cover work experience and customer service skills. Common questions include:
  • "What are your weaknesses?"
  • "What is your sales experience?"
  • "What do you do if a customer asks you a question that you do not know the answer to?"
After traditional interviewing, applicants need to take timed math and reading tests. Some Scheels applicants are also asked to write letters using appropriate business language.

How to Ace Your Interview

Scheels looks for personable and friendly workers, and job hopefuls should exhibit energetic, helpful attitudes throughout interviews. Prior to a Scheels job interview, a job seeker should conduct research on the sporting goods store chain and learn about the company history, number of locations, and products offered. When responding to questions, applicants need to keep answers detailed yet easy to follow. Responses should reflect customer-oriented attitudes. If possible, applicants should refer to previous work history in answers. Overall, job hunters want to exhibit enthusiasm and desire to join the Scheels team.


  • Al says:

    how do you get the interview? do you wait for them to call you or do you call them? i turned in my application yesterday.

  • That-guy says:

    I filled out an online application and received a call 2 days later. During the call I was asked questions such us “do you have any sales/customer service experience”? Do you like sports? Which ones? Do you have any experience in sports. Then I was asked to go to the store and say I was sent by (guy’s name). I did that and was asked if I had 2 minutes for a quick stand up interview. By one of the managers who looked very busy. He basically looked at my application and asked questions like…where would you prefer to work at in the store, do u like sports? What sporty events do u do Bessides (soccer, my fav :-)). Do you mind cutting your beards apparently you have to shave it all off. Then he said he was going to pass on my application to the hiring guys and should expect a call in about a weeks. Today is day 2 and am still waiting.

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