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International oil and natural gas logistics company Schlumberger boasts hundreds of thousands of employment opportunities in the utilities industry. Job seekers may submit applications for work in over 85 countries in fields like engineering, administration, customer service, and outside sales.

Facts About Working at Schlumberger

Minimum Age to Work at Schlumberger: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Schlumberger?)

Schlumberger Hours of Operation: Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available Positions at Schlumberger: Customer Service Representative, Sales Associate, Administrative Assistant, Completion and Workover Engineer, Directional Driller, Drilling Engineer, Drilling Wellsite Supervisor, Production Operations Supervisor, Project Manager, Rig Manager, Design and Manufacturing Engineer, Lean Six Sigma Expert, Maintainability M

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Schlumberger Job Opportunities

A large portion of Schlumberger operations centers on drilling technologies. The public firm researches and implements new and state-of-the-art methods of drilling for oil and natural gas both on land and offshore. Operations also include building reservoirs and efficiently distributing the fossil fuels to customers through public utility companies. Most available jobs reflect the technological nature of the industry, with positions in IT and engineering consistently available for hire. Aspiring employees also regularly gain employment as sales personnel and customer service representatives. Due to international business ties, associates in most departments live up to high-volume expectations. The ability to multitask and keep up to date on industry news and trends remains extremely valuable among prospective employees.

Regardless of position or career field, Schlumberger associates generally interact with a wide range of individuals on a daily basis. Typical interactions may include working with constituents within certain departments, cross-department collaboration, associating or entertaining business clients, responding to upper management, or carrying out directives handed down from the company domestic or international corporate offices. Applicants need to possess sound interpersonal skills and the ability to relate to others in clear, effective, and professional manners in order to gain employment. Some positions may require four-year degrees or training at highly specific vocational schools. Customer service and sales jobs often impose the fewest formal requirements for employment; however, job seekers must hold high school diplomas and relevant work experience to gain an advantage over other candidates.

Schlumberger Employment Outlook and Pay Scales

The oil and natural gas logistics company enforces a minimum age requirement of 18 years on aspiring workers, as most positions require technical training or industry knowledge. Available entry-level jobs provide the best avenues for part-time employment, while full-time opportunities and long-term careers remain in high abundance. Associates undergo intensive training upon hire and enjoy competitive pay scales and work benefits packages. The most prevalent positions for hire follow:

Field Engineer

  • The position of field engineer requires at least a bachelor’s degree and previous experience for employment consideration.
  • Workers carry out responsibilities in all-weather conditions, with results of duties held deciding or influencing major projects.
  • Key tasks include gathering data and designing plans for future drill sites and drilling equipment.
  • Field engineers travel extensively as part of the job.
  • Individuals able to travel and demonstrating self-motivated, dedicated, and team-oriented personalities represent ideal candidates.
  • The average field engineer associate earns $40,000 to $50,000 a year.
  • Pay scales increase based on experience and education.


  • As a respected member of the utilities industry, Schlumberger offers several career paths for recent grads.
  • Applicants new to the workforce often take advantage of highly specialized internships giving inexperienced individuals first-hand insight into available jobs.
  • The internships most commonly available closely follow field engineer and field specialist positions, often including shadow supervisors the entry-level employees model.
  • Education requirements include two-year undergraduate degrees in geology, engineering, geophysics, or general scientific fields.
  • Other internships in research, engineering, manufacturing, and sustainability remains available, as well.
  • However, workers need at least three years of four-year degrees completed to qualify.
  • Many interns receive monthly salary options averaging out to $2,000 or $3,000.

Tips For Applying

Prior to initiating applications, workers should research desired job titles and/or fields. Education remains a crucial component of Schlumberger jobs. Applicants must possess the necessary credentials prior to filling out application forms in order to gain full review from hiring personnel. Aside from internships, most positions require bachelor’s degrees at minimum. Upper-level careers in engineering, research, or sustainability often ask for master’s degree or better. Current and former employees alike report finding work through job fairs held on college campuses or through third-party recruiters.

Application Status

Job seekers may submit applications online or through third-party recruiters. Either method of declaring candidacy for work available requires applicants to wait certain amounts of time before hearing back from company hiring personnel. Due to the competitive nature of the industry, utility jobs often involve intense screening processes lasting anywhere from three to six weeks, on average. Individuals using recruiters to find work may need to contact the company personally to check on application statuses, while workers who submit hiring forms to Schlumberger directly typically receive confirmation emails assigned to personalized online profiles. Calling or emailing recruitment officers after submitting applications often demonstrates the self-motivated and dedicated attitudes the international oil and natural gas logistics company looks for in new staff.

Benefits of Working at Schlumberger

Comprehensive work benefits packages and lucrative salary options offset the heavy demands routinely placed upon associates. Schlumberger matches employee contributions of 6% or more to 401(k) retirement plans by 3%. Workers also enjoy paid time off, health insurance options, and ongoing career development. The utility industry company also offers room for growth within, with senior- and supervisory-level jobs available with experience gained.

Further Information on Schlumberger

Former employees comprise a massive network of alumni maintained by the natural gas and oil utility technologies firm. Current associates and past workers alike may call on each other through the alumni network for career and research purposes. The alumni network utilizes online social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to connect and reconnect former associates and current employees. Alumni may access related news articles regarding company operations, networking events, and retirement benefits packages through the Schlumberger homepage.

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