Schlumberger Job Interview Questions & Tips

Face-to-Face Interviews

Utility companies like Schlumberger screen dozens of applicants during the interview process. Workers seeking entry-level employment and careers in full-time capacities must submit hiring request forms to begin the employment process. Most applicants receive interview consideration within a few weeks. Once contacted, hiring representatives assign applicants interviews based on the position desired. Entry-level candidates typically undergo a fairly simple hiring process, which consists of one or two face-to-face interviews with a manager. Applicants vying for technical or managerial positions may need to participate in several interviews and complete skills tests to prove eligibility for employment.

Making a Good Impression

Demonstrate care for punctuality and arrive to each interview early. Exude professionalism by wearing business attire and showing a well-kempt appearance. Greet the hiring staff with a firm handshake and provide a clear introduction. Recruitment staff may use a portion of the interview to give a company presentation and outline Schlumberger history, work culture, and employee expectations.

What to Expect During the Hiring Process

A question-and-answer session also proves a common formality during job interviews with the Texas utility company. Popular inquiries revolve around employment history, related job skills, work ethic, personality traits, education, and availability. Most subsequent interviews follow a similar format. Maintain consistency throughout each meeting and communicate aspiration to work for the establishment. Follow up with a brief email or phone call a few days after the final job interview. Most positions require applicants pass drug screening and background checks upon completion of the Schlumberger interview process.


  • Aviral Bhardwaj says:

    I am a pre final year undergraduate from Applied geology. I need to know the concerned questions asked in SLB interview regarding Geology.

  • ALI HAIDER says:

    I like Schlumberger so much.They are the worlds no 1 oil company.

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