Schwan’s Interview Questions & Tips

Beginning the Hiring Process

The Schwan's interview process traditionally begins with filling out an application. While the delivery company regularly recruits workers in person, a majority of current and former employees report completing online forms to gain hiring consideration. Depending on positions desired, prospective associates may spend as much as three weeks to a month going through hiring procedures, while other workers may only experience a day or two of formal interviewing. On average, applicants spend around a week sitting through interviews and talking to hiring personnel.

Over-the-Phone and Face-to-Face Interviews

Candidates regularly take part in phone interviews prior to meeting with Schwan's recruitment staff in person. The brief telephone screenings often serve as a way for management to learn a little about personality traits before moving forward with formal in-person sessions. Sometimes an in-person meeting with recruitment staff precedes the telephone stage, as the company often uses the phone interview as a way for candidates to meet with higher-ups without disrupting the busy schedules of managers or corporate personnel. Meetings may last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the format. Applicants should expect no more than two hiring sessions for entry-level roles. Careers in the field may require additional rounds of job interviews.

What to Expect During the Interview

The prominent delivery company uses the hiring process to screen candidates for specific character traits, schedule availability, skillsets, and backgrounds. Individuals vying for sales jobs routinely encounter questions regarding professional selling abilities, life and career goals, and motivations for work, as hiring managers traditionally look for driven and self-starting workers able to assume varying hours to fill sales jobs. Interview questions also touch on the subject of travel for entry-level sales positions, including "How would you feel being away from home for a given period of time?" or "Can you pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) exam?" Potential sales personnel and candidates in the running for other positions may also come across behavior screening, featuring interview questions centering on hypothetical situations related to customer service, leadership, inventory, staffing, and logistics.

Pre-Employment Screening

Prior to completing the interview process, workers often fill out personality exams, which may take place at any time during the proceedings. Once hired, individuals typically spend up to six months in training before becoming full employees. Background checks into traffic records and criminal history also regularly take place prior to official hiring. Negotiations of salary or rank and responsibilities rarely occur. Schwan's usually extends job offers during the final meetings between management and applicants.

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