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Seabourn Cruise Line offers career opportunities allowing employees to travel the world while delivering high levels of luxurious guest services. Due to the efforts of dedicated workers, the company consistently ranks among the best small ship cruise lines in the world.

Facts About Working at Seabourn Cruise Line

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Seabourn Cruise Line?)

Available Positions: Marine & Technical Associate, Assistant Housekeeper, Maitre D’Hotel, Assistant Sommelier, Bartender, Chef de Partie, Chief Purser, Crew Purser, Executive Chef, Executive Housekeeper, Executive Sous Chef, Hotel Manager, Provision Master, Public Rooms Manager, Receptionist, Steward/Stewardess, Waiter/Waitress, Entertainer/Performer

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Seabourn Cruise Line Job Opportunities

The luxury cruise company operates a fleet of six ships, which visit many popular ports and offer employees a chance to see the world. Shipboard associates typically work on contractual bases requiring four months on duty and two months off. Time spent on duty generally requires workers to put in long hours tending to the needs of guests in areas such as housekeeping, restaurant operations, bartending, and entertainment. As workers emulate the levels of service expected from world-class hotels and resorts, interactions with guests from all around the globe prove frequent. Employees aboard the cruise ships enjoy working with people and commit to customer service.

When starting entry-level jobs aboard cruise ships, new-hires undergo an intensive training program known as Seabourn Academy, which initiates workers into company culture and provides resources for ongoing career development. Associates who consistently provide high-quality guest services through hard work and discipline often transition into management positions, as the company prefers to reward good employees by promoting from within whenever possible. Jobs aboard the luxury cruise line provide perfect starting points for employees seeking to begin hospitality careers at sea.

Seabourn Cruise Line Wages and Work Opportunities

Prospective workers looking for jobs in the cruise ship industry may submit resumes online to receive consideration for full-time positions. Associates travel the world while performing the following entry-level roles:


  • Bartenders, who work for pay rates averaging $9.00 an hour plus tips, handle beverage sales and service aboard cruise ships.
  • Associates display friendly attitudes and outgoing personalities in order to create pleasant guest interactions and promote sales.
  • Typical responsibilities of bartenders include following standard recipes for mixed drinks, personalizing orders to suit customer desires, tracking inventory, recording and accounting for beverage sales responsibly, handling transactions, supervising bar waiters, maintaining clean work areas, and answering guest questions.
  • Following company policy regarding minimum drinking age and serving hours stands paramount, as well.

Assistant Housekeeper

  • Assistant housekeepers maintain high standards of cleanliness while servicing guest suites, common areas, and crew quarters.
  • Regular housekeeping duties include performing routine inspections, coordinating with housekeeping staff, upholding public health standards and workplace safety guidelines, ensuring guest suites receive appropriate cleaning, maintaining adequate inventories of cleaning supplies, and watering onboard plants and flowers.
  • Associates must possess attention to detail, knowledge of cleaning techniques, ability to stand for long periods of time, and fluency in the English language.
  • Qualified employees receive hourly wages close to $10.00 for exceptional service.

Restaurant Waiter

  • Restaurant waiters deliver exceptional dining experiences.
  • Employees generally earn salary packages of $9.00 an hour, with the additional prospect of receiving tips for extraordinary service.
  • The duties of a waiter include maintaining a thorough knowledge of ship activities and dining options, building rapports with guests, upholding personal grooming standards, fulfilling special requests regarding dietary restrictions or health needs, and providing excellent service during restaurant duties such as afternoon teas, cocktail parties, and buffet services.
  • Following proper health guidelines and company policies also proves highly important.

Tips For Applying

In order to apply for jobs aboard Seabourn Cruise Line ships, candidates need to upload resumes by following links located on the company website. Although entry-level positions generally do not require previous experience, hiring managers give preference to applicants who hold high school diplomas and possess related histories working in hospitality or customer service positions.

Application Status

Conducting in-person visits to check on application statuses may not prove feasible. However, applicants may contact hiring personnel via email or telephone. The company accepts resumes at all times, even when not actively hiring for specific positions. Candidates who do not hear responses may receive consideration once desired jobs become available at a later date.

Employee Benefits at Seabourn Cruise Line

Seabourn Cruise Line employees enjoy the unique job benefits of receiving paid room and board while traveling the world aboard luxury yachts. Employment contracts include two months paid time off between periods of active duty, which allows for plenty of time at home during the year.

  • Associates also receive competitive salary options, on-the-job training, ongoing career development opportunities, and company-paid flights to and from ships.
  • Potential for healthcare options and 401(k) retirement plans also remains available.

More Details on Seabourn Cruise Line

The major cruise line employs experienced, world-class sommeliers on board each ship in order to assist guests with wine selections and pairings. Before embarking, the sommeliers stock the ship with vintages according to guest specifications. The Silver Connoisseur Collection allows guests to pick three bottles of premium red or white wines for enjoyment during the cruise, and the Gold Connoisseur Collection allows guests to choose six bottles of higher-priced vintages.


  • marsha villaber dela torre says:

    My job duties as a Cabin Steward:
    1.strip and make beds with fresh linen in every room including stay over
    2.replace stocks of guest supplies such as shampoo and soap
    3. do cleaning tasks like vacuuming floors, wiping all windowsills, and dusting all furniture/fixtures
    4.notifies supervisor of any equipment malfunctions or unusual problems which need immediate attention

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