Seabourn Cruise Line Interview Questions & Tips

Multiple Interviews

Resumes and cover letters generally serve as the first step in submitting formal requests for employment with Seabourn. Next, applicants must participate in phone interviews, followed by in-person interviews with hiring personnel before finally receiving hiring determinations. Generally involving multiple stages of review, the hiring process lasts between a week and a couple months. The specific position sought greatly influences the length of time an applicant spends in the interview process. Entry-level jobs often take the least amount of time to gain, while managerial and navigation positions often take the most.

What the Company Looks For in an Employee

Applicants must demonstrate the ability to meet the rigorous demands of cruise ship jobs. Life at sea with Seabourn often includes multiple months abroad at a given time without return to port. Workers must feel comfortable in enclosed spaces, as cabin quarters often feature limited mobility. The ability to put in long hours also benefits job seekers.

Navigating the Interview Process

The interview process examines both professional and psychological profiles of individuals to give hiring staff better ideas of what to expect from an aspiring employee. Applicants may face one-to-one interviews or panel interviews during the hiring process. The use of group interviews as initial means to weed out applicants often occurs for entry-level positions, as well.

Questions and Topics to Prepare For

Interview questions like, "Have you ever worked aboard a cruise liner or luxury yacht before?" or "Do you have any experience in the hospitality industry?" serve as prime examples of inquiries used to gauge professional backgrounds of potential Seabourn employees. The hiring process also features prompts like, "In an emergency situation, how would you ensure guests remain calm and orderly?" Other interview questions with behavioral themes touch on basic guest interaction, employer/employee relations, and codes of conduct, including appearance and dress.

Tips for Success

Workers should wear professional suits or dresses to job interviews and maintain exceptional grace and courtesy at all times. The process largely screens for individuals with pleasant, attentive, and self-motivated personalities.


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