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SeaWorld operates three massive, aquatic-themed amusement parks located in California, Florida, and Texas. Despite regional accessibility, the entertainment company hires on workers from around the world to carry out customer service, theatrical performances, management, and maintenance.

Facts About Working at SeaWorld

Minimum Age to Work at SeaWorld: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at SeaWorld?)

SeaWorld Hours of Operation: Hours vary by location

Available Positions at SeaWorld: Ticket Sales, Food and Beverage Associate, Maintenance, Groudskeeper

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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SeaWorld Job Opportunities

Originally founded by Anheuser-Busch in 1960, SeaWorld underwent a management changeover in 2009, with the resulting acquisition of the amusement park chain falling under control of Blackstone Group. The new owners took the company public in 2012, which generated extra income to expand operations and hire on new employees. The new employment opportunities include both full-time and part-time jobs featuring excellent training programs and experience in highly specialized fields. The resulting broad and expanded company umbrella also encompasses several off-chute water parks, in addition to the three renowned parks, serving various areas of the United States. The widespread network of parks provides tens of thousands of available jobs nationwide.

The three main SeaWorld parks include themed attractions in San Diego, CA, San Antonio, TX, and Orlando, FL. Residing in warm-climate major metropolitan areas consisting of millions of people allows the theme parks to thrive and retain customer bases, even during off-peak seasons. Job seekers must possess excellent communication skills and excitable personalities in order to work for the chain. Daily demands regularly require associates to interact directly with park guests. Amiable, friendly, encouraging, and extroverted persons able to stay on task and carry out both individual and team-oriented tasks represent ideal hires. Applicants who enjoy working with children may gain preferential treatment for certain positions. Other lines of work, like maintenance jobs, require specific technical skills.

SeaWorld Positions and Salary Options

Amusement park job seekers must satisfy the minimum age requirement of 16 in order to qualify for employment. Work involving the sale or distribution of alcohol or highly technical and potentially hazardous positions may impose minimum age requirements as high as 21 years of age. Some of the most common positions for hire include:

Beverage Host

  • Available in part-time and seasonal capacities, beverage host jobs yield roughly 20 to 30 hours per week and consist of filling patron food and drink orders at designated kiosks throughout each park.
  • Food preparation duties require associates to adhere to health and safety protocol and honor state laws governing the distribution of alcohol at all times.
  • Workers must stand at least 21 to work as beverage hosts and possess friendly personalities.
  • Physical stamina may influence overall hiring decisions, as frequent lifting, bending, stooping, and constant standing prove necessary with regularity.
  • Job seekers must also feel comfortable working in extreme weather and working conditions, i.e. hot and cold foods, freezers and open-range stovetops, inclement and extremely hot weather.
  • Beverage hosts start out around $10.00 per hour and receive pay increases based on performance and time spent with the amusement park.


  • SeaWorld begins hiring performers as young as age 16.
  • Most performers work as part of teams or troupe and perform up to ten times a day.
  • Performances generally take place inside theme park locations; however, the attractions often use performers in public appearances, company events, and media functions, as well.
  • Specialized talents in the performing arts, including acrobatics, dance, singing, or other visual performance mediums typically qualify applicants for performer roles.
  • Workers must also maintain flexible schedules and provide some personal equipment to use on the job.
  • Some performers earn as much as $14.00 or $15.00 an hour.

Shallow Water Attendant

  • Also falling under the classification of lifeguards, shallow water attendants look after the safety and security of patrons using park water rides and attractions.
  • Lifeguards must possess proper certifications, including passage of American Red Cross Water Safety programs and CPR/AED classes, which ensure candidates possess strong swimming abilities and reaction times under pressure.
  • A strong sense of teamwork, communication skills, and the ability to work nights, weekends, and holidays remain vital to gaining employment.
  • A highly visible position within the company, shallow water attendants must maintain well-groomed appearances and consistently live up to standards presented in the employee manual, which include no facial hair for men and presentable haircuts, regardless of gender.
  • Starting pay hovers around $9.00 hourly for the mostly seasonal position.
  • Experienced lifeguards often make between $10.00 and $11.00.

Tips For Applying

The amusement park chain uses a highly competitive hiring process in order to weed out the best candidates. SeaWorld locations receive thousands of applications for employment each year, which includes hundreds for specific positions. Applicants should take time to prepare employment materials to highlight related skills and provide solid cases for hiring. For positions requiring certifications or academic credentials, review the documents prior to applying and obtain specific licenses or allowances before beginning an application to streamline the process and provide the best opportunities for success. Providing professional resumes and cover letters often make candidates stand out among other, potentially ill-prepared applicants.

Application Status

An online job platform allows SeaWorld applicants to track applications and confirm receipt of hiring documents. Workers typically receive phone calls to schedule interviews with the amusement park chain due to the regionalized locations of the water park attractions. Email often alerts job seekers of hiring consideration, as well. The theme parks usually contact eligible workers within a few days to schedule hiring sessions. Some applicants may wait up to a week to hear back from the entertainment company.

Benefits of Working at SeaWorld

Work in the amusement park industry provides rich experience in specialized fields. In addition to working for world-renowned parks:

  • Employees receive paid training, competitive base pay and salary options, and professional growth opportunities.
  • Employment benefits packages also exist for qualified workers, including 401(k) retirement plans, medical, dental, vision, and life insurance options, tuition reimbursement, employee assistance programs, free park passes, free childcare, complimentary uniforms, and group legal assistance.
  • Job benefits typically vary by part-time, full-time, or seasonal employment status.

More Information on SeaWorld

In total, SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. manages 11 properties and caters to more than 20 million guests a year. Each park houses close to 20 rides and almost 30 unique restaurants and novelty shops. As one of the top theme park proprietors in North America, the aquatic attraction holding company generates over $1.4 billion in annual revenues. A special program called SeaWorld Cares gives back to surrounding communities and natural habitats around the world. Since inception, the park claims responsibility for rescuing more than 20,000 animals.


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