ServiceMaster Interview Questions & Tips

Simple Hiring Process

Environmental services company ServiceMaster takes a very simple approach to onboarding new workers. The interview process primarily features brief, one-to-one hiring sessions with branch managers. Applicants who submit employment forms usually receive contact to interview within a few days. Each interview only lasts about five to 10 minutes. Conversation proves casual for most employment sessions, with recruitment personnel mostly interested in abilities to perform manual labor and work as part of a team. Many applicants report receiving job offers or word to await contact about potential job offers at the end of the initial interview. If asked to await further review, candidates generally receive determinations within a week.

Managerial Interviews

Managerial candidates and other administrative job hopefuls may incur more intensive hiring procedures. The ServiceMaster interview process may begin with phone interviews and then move on to face-to-face screenings in 1:1 or panel fashion. Applicants more often sit with a single hiring manager, generally an area hiring VP, to discuss potential employment. Two or three interviews may prove necessary to determine applicant standing.

Questions to Expect

Applicants should bring updated resume copies to each phase of the ServiceMaster hiring process regardless of the position desired. Common interview questions often relate to previous experiences. The environmental services firm looks for individuals able to show up to work on time and consistently. Hiring personnel may ask applicants:

  • "How many days of work have you missed in the past year?"
  • "Do you consider yourself to be a person of good health?"
Additional inquiries may look into personal qualities related to service, interest in the company/field, and general motives for employment. The question-and-answer portions of job interviews required often take about 10 minutes. If asked to participate in multiple interviews, most job seekers encounter salary negotiations at the second or third session.

What to Wear

Appropriate dress for the interview process consists of business-casual to office-formal attire.


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