Shake Shack Job Interview Questions & Tips

Lengthy Interview Process

New York City-based burger chain Shake Shack interviews job seekers constantly. In addition to interviewing candidates for positions available at existing restaurants, Shake Shack frequently hosts interview sessions to fill the more than 65 jobs created each time a new location opens. The Shake Shack interview process generally involves a series of 1:1 meetings with a hiring manager. Candidates usually interview with different members of the Shake Shack management team individually, culminating in a final session with the general manager. Shake Shack frequently schedules the various rounds of interviews for the same day, resulting in a prolonged procedure often taking more than an hour to complete.

Questions to Expect

During each Shake Shack interview, applicants sit with a hiring manager and answer basic questions designed to gauge personality traits and work ethic. Interviewers commonly open with:

  • "Why Shake Shack?"
  • "Why should we hire you?"
Candidates should respond to such lines of questioning by discussing restaurant features unique to Shake Shack and highlighting personal skills and experiences related to the potential job. Shake Shack hiring managers also make behavioral inquiries like, "Tell me about a time when you went out of your way to make someone happy, even though it didn't benefit you," to elicit examples of cooperation, leadership, and other desirable attributes from interviewees. Some applicants reportedly engage in casual conversation with current employees at Shake Shack job interviews, as well.

Tips For a Successful Interview

Candidates should exude positive, friendly, and energetic personalities during each round of interviews, as Shake Shack generally hires happy workers willing to go out of their way to help customers. Previous experience in the food service industry may benefit individuals seeking Shake Shack jobs and should be emphasized whenever possible. While fast food restaurants like Shake Shack are known for quick service and informal work environments, applicants should err on the side of formality when dressing for interviews. Study the Shake Shack menu, history, and blog ahead of time to gain some insight into the culture of the restaurant chain and inspire questions to ask at the end of the interview sessions. Conclude the Shake Shack interview by expressing a genuine desire to work for the fast food chain.


  • Telika Marcus says:

    Hello I was just wondering when is the next open house I missed the one this week I hope its real soon because I would love working for you guys

  • halima says:

    I interviewed and got the job. I displayed a friendly personality.They asked if I had an experience where I did not get along with a teammate. They asked about my previous work experience. They also asked which flavor of ice cream would I be and why. I felt okay after the interview and was unsure whether they would call. They did and I was semi-surprised. Overall you have to be friendly and smile, and answer the questions to the best of your ability.

  • moxuz says:

    I interviewed and passed it. I applied for the Restaurant Supervisor position. They just listened to how I would manage a restaurant. My management techniques and my knowledge in operating a business. They also asked me about P&L and inventory process. I confidently answered them. Great opportunity to be at Shake Shack, and products were great so it should be easy to sell to different types of people. I love the role of being in the management team and with Shake Shack itself. 🙂

  • Naji says:

    I got interviewed yesterday , I came dressed appropriately and I answered all the questions to my best ability . I hope I get the job man .. They said if I didn’t get call by 7 yesterday that they have moved with someone else I hope that’s not true . I really want the job hopefully today I get a call

  • Tianna says:

    I interviewed at Shake Shack in King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania on Wednesday. I got hired! The interview was very conversational and not crazy formal. Tips: Be comfortable, smile a lot and be honest and genuine. They want highly motivated people who want to be a part of a team and have an interest in hospitality. As long as you smile, laugh, and have a genuine interest in learning about Shake Shack culture and hospitality you will get the job!

  • Darrneka says:

    I interview for shake shack kop location and got hired right on the spot. Talk to all three hiring manager. Interview questions were easy. I wear my uniform from my current job to my interview black pants white blouse and dansko. Can’t wait to start!

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