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With roughly 175 grocery stores to staff throughout the New England region, Shaw's consistently hires area job seekers into entry-level positions and management careers. Individuals looking to work for a thriving supermarket chain should apply online for employment with the regional grocery retailer. The subsidiary of Albertsons offers dynamic, fast-paced work environments and a wide variety of jobs, ranging from stocking shelves and manning courtesy counters to supervising departmental workers and managing store operations.

Facts About Working at Shaw's

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Shaw's?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Bagger, Customer Service Representative, Grocery Clerk, Meat Clerk, Bakery Clerk, Stock Associate, Department Manager, Assistant Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Shaw’s Job Opportunities

Large supermarket chains like Shaw’s depend on entry-level associates for success and always need to hire new ones. Most employees begin working for the New England grocery store chain in entry-level positions like cashier and stock associate. The wide range of different departments featured in each supermarket also prompts the hiring of various entry-level clerks boasting job titles bearing responsibilities particular to departments of employment. Entry-level job opportunities rarely force applicants to satisfy any hiring requirements, other than a minimum hiring age of 16 years.

In addition to hiring new workers for entry-level jobs, Shaw’s frequently hires grocery retail industry veterans to serve as supervisors and managers. Supervisory positions and careers in grocery store management generally carry a minimum hiring age of 18 years and call for applicants to hold high school diplomas. Candidates seeking store director and assistant store director positions, which rank as the most advanced job titles available at the store level, typically benefit from holding college degrees, as well. Career opportunities also abound at in-store pharmacies for workers with the proper qualifications.

Shaw’s Positions and Salary Info

Available with either part-time or full-time hours, Shaw’s jobs offer great flexibility with regards to scheduling. Employees also enjoy the training and support necessary for career advancement, with many current managers starting out as entry-level store associates. Job seekers desiring opportunities for career advancement and other employment benefits should fill out the online application form for positions such as:

Stock Associate

  • Stock associate jobs carry several qualifications related to the physical aptitude of applicants.
  • Candidates applying for the entry-level position must possess the ability to lift, push, and pull heavy items across the store, often in large quantities.
  • Stock associates also stand, bend, twist, and squat for a majority of work shifts.
  • Job duties range from unloading deliveries and organizing inventory to stocking merchandise on the sales floor and directing customers to requested items.
  • The position requires no previous work experience and pays around $8.00 per hour.


  • Like stock associate jobs, cashier positions represent entry-level work requiring little or no prior experience.
  • Cashiers interact with customers regularly, whether clarifying the price of an item, describing a storewide promotion, or responding to questions about a company policy.
  • The job also involves the use of cash registers to ring up purchases, store cash and other payment information, and issue receipts.
  • Shaw’s typically pays cashiers between $8.00 and $9.00 hourly.


  • Managers lead efforts to ensure profitable store operations as well as high levels of worker productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • With department manager, assistant store director, and store director job titles available, management careers entail a wide range of duties related to sales, finance, merchandising, and human resources.
  • Managers come up with strategies to achieve sales objectives, enforce high standards of customer service, follow merchandising guidelines regarding store layouts, and hire new associates to maintain optimal staffing levels.
  • Additional responsibilities include ordering and maintaining inventory, scheduling work shifts for store personnel, and training, developing, and supervising entry-level employees.
  • Managerial pay scales start around $14.00 an hour for department managers and often exceed $75,000 annual salary for store directors.

Tips For Applying

Alongside sister brand, Star Market, Shaw’s grocery stores place heavy emphasis on family values. The regional supermarket uses random drug screening to enforce those values. Most candidates drug test the day after participating in their first official interviews. Passing the drug tests usually dictates whether workers receive job offers. The chain also requires personable, courteous attitudes from employees, as the average position centers on interacting with others. Individuals who align with the basic, core values held by the company usually perform well during the application process.

Application Status

The application and hiring processes take around a week to navigate. Candidates receive phone calls to schedule interviews within a day or two of submitting employment forms. Sometimes, workers receive callbacks same-day. The electronic application forms used by the supermarket chain offer the ability to track submissions through individual career pages. Calling by telephone or visiting locations personally also works. Remember to place phone calls or time visits appropriately. Managers maintain busy schedules and may not have the flexibility to meet with candidates during certain times of day.

Benefits of Working at Shaw’s

In addition to generous pay scales, full-time managers and other eligible associates take advantage of employment benefits like 401(k) retirement plans, medical coverage, and paid vacation time. The availability of additional job benefits tends to vary by position. Workers often qualify for employee benefits such as:

  • Life insurance
  • Service recognition programs, and
  • Merchandise discounts as well

Shaw’s additionally provides on-job training, safe and supportive work environments, and opportunities for promotion to all employees.

Further Information on Shaw’s

Established in 1860, Shaw’s enjoys an enduring reputation for promoting social responsibility and community involvement. The grocery retailer encourages stores to recycle, reuse, or donate at least 90 percent of excess merchandise and other materials deemed as waste. Each supermarket location also stands committed to reducing energy and water consumption by using more efficient lighting and investing in new technologies that facilitate conservation efforts. The supermarket chain regularly makes donations to local charities and nonprofit organizations as well, especially ones dedicated to hunger relief, nutrition and health, and the environment.


  • Kyle m Cross says:

    i worked with the company back in highschool when i was 16,for 1 year i left the produce department due to struggling with school. i Loved it and had a great experience for my first job, had to leave cause my mom wanted me to focus on my grades in school more.

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