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A Dutch and British corporation operating in over 70 countries, Shell maintains a global presence by employing more than 90,000 associates to work at oil wells, refineries, and gas stations worldwide. The gasoline retailer serves as a market leader, and thus a major employer, in the United States.

Facts About Working at Shell

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Shell?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Retail Clerk, Shift Manager, Team Member, Maintenance Associate, Assistant Manager, Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Shell Job Opportunities

With roughly 25,000 gas stations in the U.S. alone, Shell ranks as the largest retailer of fuel in the country. The energy and petrochemicals company keeps each fuel station properly staffed by constantly hiring new employees. Since gas stations act as the public face of the company, workers encounter opportunities for customer interactions on a regular basis. Customer service experience and skills therefore represent the major qualifications gas station managers look for when deciding whether to hire an applicant. The ability to work whenever scheduled also helps candidates land gas station jobs, which commonly feature flexible hours and often require employees to remain available for night or weekend shifts.

Job seekers pursuing employment at Shell gas stations must choose from entry-level clerk positions and professional careers in management. The leading fuel retailer often hires candidates with limited work experience to fill entry-level jobs, which typically come with all the necessary training as well as room for growth with the successful company. Conversely, applicants with previous gas station or retail experience often find work as managers and, in addition to other job duties, oversee the training of entry-level associates. Employees work either part-time or full-time, though the number of hours spent on the job typically reflects the level of authority the position affords.

Shell Positions and Salary Information

Accompanied by competitive pay rates and flexible schedules, Shell gas station jobs enable employees to make a living while striking the right balance between work and life. Entry-level associates receive an hourly rate of pay which, on average, exceeds the federal minimum wage, while managers enjoy annual salary options and access to employment benefits, in most cases. The subsequent list contains information about the types of work available to job seekers 18 years of age or older:


  • Though frequently referred to as cashiers, clerks maintain responsibility for a variety of duties in addition to using cash registers to ring up customer purchases.
  • The other duties associated with clerk jobs include ensuring the display of accurate gas prices, stocking merchandise onto the sales floor and keeping track of inventory, and cleaning the store.
  • Job seekers applying for the entry-level position must prove capable of interacting with the public on a regular basis and providing exceptional customer service.
  • Clerks must also feel comfortable checking the identification cards of customers to ensure the legal sale of alcohol and tobacco products.
  • Previous related experience, while helpful, often takes a backseat to flexible schedule availability and interpersonal skills during the hiring process.
  • Shell typically pays clerks about $10.00 or $11.00 an hour.


  • Unlike entry-level applicants, managerial candidates generally need to hold prior experience relevant to the duties of the desired position.
  • Prospective managers therefore must possess a history of working in retail or customer service and providing leadership on the job.
  • In addition to leading by example, managers interview and hire job applicants, provide training to new and underperforming workers, create employee schedules, resolve conflicts involving customers or staff, and keep corporate officials apprised of gas station affairs.
  • Additional responsibilities largely pertain to the profitability of the service station and include tasks like creating budgets and monitoring expenses, ordering supplies and inventory as needed, setting financial targets, and designing promotions to attract customers and generate revenue.
  • Possessing an adequate level of education, including a high school diploma at minimum, typically proves necessary for gaining managerial employment.
  • Shell pays managers according to job title, with assistant managers earning an hourly wage of $11.00 or $12.00 and general managers enjoying salary options ranging from $35,000 to $45,000 a year, in most cases.

Tips For Applying

Individuals seeking employment at a Shell gas station must apply in person at the specific location, as the fuel retailer only offers corporate positions and other professional career opportunities online. To demonstrate preparedness and reduce the amount of time it takes to complete the application, candidates should collect and bring all relevant information regarding past employment, academic history, and references. Applicants also earn increased hiring consideration by keeping schedule availability as open as possible when filling out the corresponding section of the form. Additionally, job seekers should take advantage of the ability to apply in person and dress up to show professionalism and stand out from less motivated candidates. Handing the completed application directly to the manager and making a brief introduction may also help to make a more memorable impression.

Application Status

When handing in the completed form, applicants should ask how long hiring decisions typically take. If the specified amount of time passes without word of a final outcome, follow up with Shell by calling or visiting the appropriate location and asking about the status of the application as well as the current availability of the job. Following up in person gives applicants another opportunity to exhibit a professional appearance and may demonstrate more initiative than calling.

Benefits of Working at Shell

Shell jobs frequently come with several outstanding employment benefits, in addition to competitive pay and flexible hours. The major fuel retailer offers a variety of health and financial benefits to employees who meet certain eligibility requirements. Eligible associates enjoy perks like medical insurance, dental and vision coverage, and paid time off. Life insurance and 401(k) retirement plans represent other types of job benefits commonly available to qualified workers. The availability of certain benefits depends on numerous factors, including job title, tenure, and classification as a full- or part-time employee.

Additional Information on Shell

To supply customers with fuel most efficiently, Shell controls the gasoline production process from beginning to end. The energy and petrochemicals company actively searches for untapped reserves of oil and natural gas around the world. More than 30 refineries operate under control of the gasoline retailer and produce the equivalent of 3.2 million barrels of oil per day. After turning the refined oil into gasoline, the company sells the finished product at tens of thousands of service stations located across more than 30 countries. Each day, roughly 20 million motorists worldwide depend on Shell fuel stations for gasoline. Incorporated in England and Wales, the international company maintains head offices in the Netherlands.


  • Gina B. Daogas says:

    Yes I worked for Shell before as a cashier. It was fun to mingle with different people everyday. I worked 8 hours 7 days a week and learned a lot. How to deal with customers, it is a challenging postilion as cashier.

  • dawn andrade says:

    Cashier..stock..lottery..etc..I worked for shell for 8 years. I really enjoyed working with the public.

  • Amanda Graves says:

    I worked for Shell for about 4 years and really enjoyed getting to meet new people. As well as learned how to run the store as a manager.

  • Karen Morrow says:

    I’ve worked for Shell in Ely, Nv for 2 yrs, at both R Places/ Shell stores 1&5. I enjoy working with the public. I like the different tasks a cashier is to do, cleaning, stocking, and of course assisting customers with purchases.

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