Shiekh Shoes Job Interview Questions & Tips

Short Hiring Process

Shiekh Shoes continuously recruits new employees to work within a nationwide network of more than 130 stores. The West Coast footwear retailer bases decisions to hire on how well candidates perform during the interview process, which begins after contact from a hiring representative. Store managers typically schedule job interviews within a week or two of receiving the proper materials needed to apply for employment. Interviewees usually meet with a hiring manager or store director one-on-one, with each session typically ending after about 15 or 20 minutes. The California-based shoe store chain normally uses a single round of interviews to gather enough information for hiring.

Common Interview Questions

Applicants should showcase a passion for shoes and a fashionable personality during the job interview. Demonstrate a clear desire to work for the footwear retailer by asking the interviewer about company culture, training programs, and career advancement opportunities. Interviews generally require responses to common questions like:

  • "Why do you want to work for Shiekh Shoes?"
  • "Do you have any experience in the footwear industry?"
  • "Are you able to work nights and weekends?"

How to Stand Out

Candidates with the ability to work a flexible schedule often enjoy preferential treatment. Answer each interview question calmly, concisely, and using specific examples to make a stronger case as often as possible. Maintain a cheerful, professional, and customer-oriented attitude at all times. Conclude the interview with a handshake and follow up by phone or email a few days later.


  • nick says:

    Does shiekh shoes drug test?

  • manager says:

    No drug test…they do background check though.

  • Angel says:

    Can I wear a hat to the interview? What do I wear?

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