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Shoe Carnival employs personable workers in footwear sales settings. Founded in 1978, the company remains a popular shoe retailer. Steady business continually creates demand for new employees. Customer service jobs exist at over 350 store locations.

Facts About Working at Shoe Carnival

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Shoe Carnival?)

Available Positions: Floor Associate, Floor Supervisor, Buyer’s Assistant, Sales Associate, Cashier, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Media Production Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Shoe Carnival Job Opportunities

The prominent retail chain offers job seekers unique opportunities for employment in fun and energetic work environments. In-store promotions, such as contests and games, bring in customers and keep labor settings fresh and active. Designated employees announce purchase incentives over microphone systems. Locations largely feature upbeat music, brightly colored displays, and neon signage. The vibrant atmospheres improve worker morale and make the retail chain a sought-after destination for career hunters.

Jobs exist for entry-level employment hunters and seasoned professionals alike. The retail stores need motivated team members to fulfill multifaceted roles. Customer service, stocking, sales, and cash handling comprise everyday responsibilities for entry-level Shoe Carnival associates. However, full-time, salaried manager positions and corporate careers often prove more lucrative for experienced job hunters. Eligible candidates may apply for work at distribution centers, as well.

Shoe Carnival Positions and Pay Scales

The company needs to hire for several positions in full-and part-time capacities. Though entry-level roles prove accessible to most candidates, hiring managers may prefer to onboard individuals with high school diplomas or GED equivalents. Qualified employment seekers generally find plentiful and appealing work options with Shoe Carnival. The following jobs regularly prove available to applicants:


  • Cashiers help customers complete purchases in Shoe Carnival stores.
  • Workers ring up items, take payments, and apply promotions and discounts.
  • Employees also stand responsible for the cleanliness of register areas.
  • Smiling and greeting patrons remain important to cashier jobs, as well.
  • Ideal candidates possess basic math skills, excellent customer service abilities, and demonstrate attention to detail.
  • Cashiers typically earn around $8.00 per hour.

Mic Person

  • The position of mic person involves making store announcements regularly throughout shifts to promote particular items and drive patrons to make larger purchases.
  • Promotions regularly include time-based deals to encourage customers to buy items quickly.
  • Workers add personal flair and positivity to the shopping experiences and attempt to keep patrons interested in the brand.
  • Job duties include helping guests with directional or inventory questions, as well.
  • Employment hopefuls with sales and customer service experience fare best when applying for mic person positions.
  • Applicants also benefit from upbeat and outgoing personalities, communication skills, and senses of humor.
  • Individuals filling mic person jobs make $8.75 hourly, on average.

Floor Supervisor

  • Floor supervisors lead staff and store operations under the direction of general managers.
  • Providing excellent customer service and training team members remain crucial employee responsibilities.
  • Other duties include opening and closing stores, completing safe and bank deposits, processing returned and voided items, and carrying out theft prevention policies.
  • Floor supervisors garner hourly wages of about $11.50.
  • Though candidates with previous management experience from other jobs may apply, current Shoe Carnival employees with sufficient qualifications also enjoy potential for promotion from within to supervisor positions.

Tips For Applying

Candidates may apply online or at store locations. Applicants with previous experience in retail environments, open availability, and knowledge of the footwear industry enjoy increased hiring consideration. Passion for company culture and awareness of store policies and operations aids work hopefuls, as well. Smile and speak confidently when communicating with managers, as Shoe Carnival usually hires individuals with bright personalities and friendly dispositions. Job seekers must stand 18 years of age and older to apply to the company.

Application Status

The Shoe Carnival hiring process typically takes anywhere from one week to two months to complete. Job seekers may call or visit stores to follow up on submitted applications. Wear professional attire to follow up visits as well as interviews. Applicants should take care to inquire during traditionally slower business hours, as staffing managers often remain busy with important work responsibilities during other times.

Benefits of Working at Shoe Carnival

Shoe Carnival employees gain access to several career benefits. Full-time workers normally obtain health-related job benefits, such as medical, vision, and life insurance coverage. 401(k) retirement plans and scholarship options prove available to eligible employees, as well. Part-time workers enjoy merchandise discounts and flexible schedules. Advancement opportunities also open up over time for committed and hardworking individuals.

More Details on Shoe Carnival

In addition to providing exciting atmospheres in stores, Shoe Carnival retains customers by offering membership plans and incentives. Membership results in discounts and special offers, including the Shoe Perks program. The loyalty-based incentive plan awards users points for every purchase made and later grants gift cards and product vouchers corresponding with the accumulated points.

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