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Shoe Show supplies customers with current footwear trends at bargain prices. Knowledgeable and committed individuals looking for work may apply for entry-level and managerial positions.

Facts About Working at Shoe Show

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Shoe Show?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Keyholder, Assistant Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Shoe Show Job Opportunities

Shoe Show boasts over 1,000 locations in close to 40 states. Generally, store sites crop up in malls, shopping centers, and various spaces receiving significant amounts of pedestrian traffic. With an impressive expansion rate and employee turnover, the shoe supplier constantly boards new staff. Peak sales seasons and holidays also necessitate the acquisition of workers. Individuals interested in entry-level positions may easily find hire with the company as formal education and previous job experience remains unnecessary for consideration. However, individuals possessing employment histories with customer service or retail work may receive favor during the hiring process.

Individuals interested in starting careers with Shoe Show may take on entry-level positions. The company prefers to promote associates already familiar with company policies and everyday functions into managerial positions. Candidates interested in promotion should use time with the shoe supplier to cultivate working knowledge of products and the various trends in the shoe market. Additionally, demonstrating leadership capabilities, excellent capacities for customer service, and passion for work may afford employees recognition and promotion.

Shoe Show Positions and Salary Information

Welcoming applications from work seekers as young as 16 years of age, Shoe Show provides entry-level jobs ideal for high school and university students. Team-oriented individuals with passion for customer service often find gainful careers with the shoe supplier. Accessible positions for which the company consistently accepts applications include:

Sales Associate

  • Regular duties include operating cash registers, greeting customers, answering questions, replenishing merchandise, and maintaining the overall cleanliness of stores.
  • Hourly wages for sales associates at Shoe Show begin near minimum wage, but may increase with time and experience.
  • Sales associates should uphold the physical shape required to stand for long hours and repeatedly bend, squat, reach, and lift.

Assistant Manager

  • Duties include helping aid in the smooth operation of the store and supervise sales associates.
  • An intensive position, the assistant manager job title yields pay rates of about $10.00 to $12.00 an hour.
  • Shift responsibilities include responding to customer concerns and complaints, leading other associates by example, contributing to store sales goals, taking inventory, filling sales associate roles as necessary, and completing any tasks assigned by store managers.

Store Manager

  • Individuals who hold the store manager position are required to keep the store in good standing order. Ensuring that items and employees are ready for business is the main task
  • Store managers earn an annual salary package around $45k to begin.
  • Candidates who possess skill sets such as organization, leadership, and excellent time management create ideal workers.

Tips For Applying

Shoe Show accepts applications exclusively in person. Interested individuals should print resumes and gather pertinent work and education history before visiting the store of choice. Job candidates should fill out paper applications neatly and legibly. Checking for correctness, appropriate tone, and grammar. Applicants also benefit from dressing well to turn in applications as hiring managers may wish to conduct on-the-spot interviews.

Application Status

Checking up on application statuses establishes a genuine desire to work for the company and may also allow individuals to stand out within the pool of job candidates. Applicants maintain the option of reaching out to hiring personnel via phone calls, store visits, emails, or a combination thereof. Candidates should remain respectful of hiring managers and the various responsibilities ascribed to the position. Conducting communications politely and professionally ensures individuals leave the best impressions possible.

Benefits of Working at Shoe Show

Though work benefit eligibility depends on full-time or part-time status, Shoe Show provides workers with comprehensive job benefit packages. Most employees qualify for the associate discount, paid time off, sick days, and holidays. Additional employment benefits include:

  • Medical and dental insurance
  • Dependent care
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Life insurance
  • Pension plans
  • 401(k) retirement plans, and
  • Employee stock purchase programs.

More Information on Shoe Show

Headquartered in Concord, NC, Shoe Show supports a number of community organizations. Associates often participate in events and volunteer time to which the company donates money. The shoe supplier supports diverse causes, such as battered women’s shelters, private universities, vocational schools, and religious associations. Additionally, the company regularly considers donation requests, whose guidelines stand available on the frequently asked questions page of the shoe store website.


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