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In operation for over 60 years and going through several familiar branding incarnations, Shoney's runs over 200 locations across roughly 16 states. Job prospects continue to rise for applicants seeking work in the restaurant industry as new looks debut and coincide with new expansion.

Facts About Working at Shoney's

Minimum Age to Work at Shoney's: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Shoney's?)

Shoney's Hours of Operation: Open every day: 6:00am-10:00pm

Available Positions at Shoney's: Buffet Quality Coordinator, Cashier, Greeter, Cook, Prep Cook, Server, Service Assistant, Dining Room Shift Leader, Assistant Manager, Kitchen Manager, Restaurant Manager, General Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Drive for Lyft! Call 855-407-9995 to apply

Shoney’s Job Opportunities

Boasting welcoming atmospheres and tones in each location, Shoney’s seeks out employees ready to embody company ideals, present personable attitudes, and display desires for customer-driven service. Candidates should possess strong social skills, the ability to work in team environments, and work flexible schedules. The restaurant chain and franchise offers workers competitive wages and access to employment benefits upon hire. Interested applicants must fill out paper applications in order to apply for available positions.

Prominent entry-level roles include servers, cashiers, greeters, service assistants, and prep cooks. Most front-of-house roles require little-to-no previous experience and only necessitate desire to learn and follow direction well. For example, service assistants perform kitchen clean up duties, assist kitchen staff with stocking, and perform general dishwashing responsibilities, as well. Back-of-house workers at Shoney’s include prep cooks and kitchen managers in charge of ensuring food remains properly prepared and presented to guests. Assistant managers and general managers may require further training and experience in order to receive hiring consideration.

Shoney’s Positions and Salary Information

Shoney’s hires applicants 18 years or older for all restaurant positions due to working around, handling, operating, and controlling equipment which may prove hazardous. Some locations offer full-service bars, as well, which may further limit work for any minors. Job seekers must possess high school diplomas or GEDs in order to apply for the following positions:

Server – Servers meet and exceed what the company calls Shoney’s Steps of Service. Employees take guest orders while answering questions relating to menu or food bar items, suggestively sell merchandise and promotions, and relay orders accurately to kitchen staff. A server typically earns minimal base pay, or around $2.00 to $5.00 an hour, depending on location and subsists on any additional tipped wages. Additional duties for servers may include daily side work, such as rolling silverware, cleaning off and resetting table tops, and maintaining the general cleanliness of work stations. Employees must prove able to stand, walk, and load, lift, carry, and unload server trays consistently and without fault.

Prep Cook – A prep cook organizes and assists in preparing, seasoning, and cooking food to order while meeting customer specifications and matching company presentation and taste qualifications. Prep cooks utilize recipe card procedures and must continually prove able to follow direction, work in fast-paced environments, and work well with others. Back-of-house workers must continually maintain sanitation and health and safety standards in addition to daily duties. Prep cooks typically work both part-time and full-time schedules and earn around $9.00 an hour.

Cashier/Greeter – Acting as the first face most customers interact with upon arrival and departure from the restaurant, a cashier or greeter must prove genial, upbeat, and willing to work various shifts, including nights and weekends. Characteristic obligations include taking patron names for necessary waiting lists, seating guests in appropriate sections, and explaining daily specials or introducing the food bar concept to diners. Earning between an $8.00 and $9.00 hourly wage, a cashier must also complete and close sales with departing patrons, understand basic math, take various forms of payment, and make change accordingly when necessary. Moreover, greeters must assist in general housekeeping tasks and uphold company standards for personal presentation.

Tips For Applying

Shoney’s currently offers no online application or job search feature on the company website. Instead, the restaurant chain encourages candidates to print off paper applications, fill out the documents accordingly, and return said applications to the nearest locations of hire. Applicants should take adequate time to fill the forms out correctly and pay close attention to ensure information remains current and applicable. Fill out each application with blue or black ink only and hand in to a hiring manager directly, if possible. Doing so regularly results in on-the-spot interviews.

Application Status

The casual restaurant chain frequently replies to application requests within one to two weeks of receipt. Since job seekers must drop off paper application forms, interaction with hiring mangers typically takes place upon applying. Calling or visiting stores of hire may prove viable means of further showing interest in available positions. Use caution and discretion when visiting with hiring managers, as supervisors must perform various duties throughout the day and may only possess limited time to talk about application statuses. Avoid peak restaurant hours, if possible.

Benefits of Working at Shoney’s

Employees working for the family restaurant franchiser typically earn excellent work benefits. Eligible employees earn meal discounts, uniform credits, and paid training in addition to industry-commensurate pay rates. Additionally, associates may gain access to medical benefits, such as health, dental, vision, and disability insurance. Full-time employees and restaurant management may also receive paid vacations, life insurance options, and enrollment in company-matched 401(k) retirement plans.

Additional Information about Shoney’s

With locations dotting the map and many on or near major highways and interstates, Shoney’s offers specific benefits to bus and tour groups. As members of both the National Tour Association (NTA) and the American Bus Association (ABA), the restaurant chain proudly offers a travel line and reservation line to better serve bus tour members and travelers. Other perks patrons receive include value-priced breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets, private dining rooms at no additional charge, a free meal for the bus driver and tour guide with each group, senior discounts, to-go service, and accessible parking lots. Tours should call ahead to each location to ensure said site participates in each incentive.

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  1. Brandi Gibson

    I worked at the Shoneys in Tappahannock Va. I was hired as a hostess but I did various things such as:
    -seated customers
    -busing tables
    -some cooking


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