Shopko Interview Questions & Tips

Straightforward Hiring Process

Shopko applicants participate in an average of one to two interviews during the hiring process. Depending on store location, Shopko invites certain applicants back to discuss possible employment further in 1:1 formats. The department store chain primarily uses one-to-one interview methods to screen applicants. Workers oftentimes meet informally with managers. The Shopko hiring process generally only lasts a single interview. The time it takes to hear back from the retail chain may only prove a day or two. Total time spent interviewing and scheduling often lasts a week, at most.

What to Expect During the Interview

Hiring managers moderating Shopko interviews use industry-standard questions to gauge eligibility for employment. Common Shopko interview questions touch on previous jobs and customer service abilities with questions like:

  • "What would your past employers say are your best and worst qualities?"
  • "Can you recall a specific instance where you experienced excellent customer service and what specifically made the service memorable?"
Applicants need to indicate strong communication skills and show readiness to work with the general public. Shopko hiring personnel regularly pose interview questions about computer skills and basic math skills, especially to workers vying for cashier jobs. Managers may respond to inquiries about leadership abilities and organizational skills as main talking points.


  • Crystal R. D. says:

    Does anyone know what to wear for an interview for shopko?

  • Jessica says:

    I dressed business casual for mine.

  • Tom says:

    Do they drug test? If so, is it just to get hired or at any time?

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