Singapore Airlines Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Singapore Airlines

After they apply online or at a recruitment event, promising candidates hear from managers to set up a meeting. Initial interviews are often done by video, but some may be in person. Job hopefuls who present themselves well and give effective responses are more likely to receive offers.

Before the Interview at Singapore Airlines

How Should You Prepare?

Confirm the date and time of the job interview, then begin preparing by reviewing common questions. Practice answers to a friend or in front of a mirror to help ease nerves. Prospective employees should also update their resumes to reflect recent work history.

Questions to Expect

What Will Interviewers Ask?

Singapore Airlines interview questions are fairly simple. Most of them focus on a worker's experience and interests. A few require applicants to describe how they would react in certain situations. Typical queries include:

How to Dress for Singapore Airlines Interviews

Strict Appearance Guidelines

Those interviewing for inflight jobs are put under intense scrutiny for their clothes, jewelry, makeup, and hair. This is because cabin crew members must conform to the brand's depiction of flight attendants, trademarked as the "Singapore Girl." It's a good idea to note these requirements.

What Should You Wear?

It is important to appear polished and capable in the Singapore Airlines interview process. Business professional dress will leave a strong first impression. Pantsuits or modest skirts and blouses are ideal for women. Men need to wear suits and ties. Keep makeup natural, limit jewelry, be clean shaven, and look well-groomed.

What to Expect After the First Interview

Multiple Steps

For some positions, the next step in the hiring process is another Singapore Airlines interview. These could be in-person group interviews, meetings with managers, or both. Applicants will likely hear back about the job within a couple weeks. Cabin crew candidates may have to go through training or testing prior to getting an offer.

Final Points to Remember

Keep Calm in the Interview Process

Above all, stay poised and confident during a Singapore Airlines job interview. Practicing questions ahead of time keeps hopefuls from feeling nervous. Interviewees who show up well-rested and prepared fare better than those who do not.


  • LINDA says:


    • Lucas Goba-Blé says:

      If you are able to pass the English assessments you will be able to make it to the next step of the selections. However, if they think your english isn’t good unfortunately you will not be able to qualify for this job.

  • Kuk says:

    I have tried many times to apply online through the online application process, but I could not proceed after filling in all the information. Every time the system shows that I haven’t finished certain items but I did in fact..I don’t know why………

  • Komal says:

    Apart from online is there any option where I can personally come and submit my application?…… eg. Singapore Airlines office in Mumbai?…..

  • Mary May says:

    Hello sir, I would like to apply for a passenger service agent job. Where can I send my updated resume?

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    I want to Become a ticket agent in Airlines. And I want to know what type of requirements do they need?

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