Sizzler Job Interview Questions & Tips

Applying for an Entry Level Position

Job seekers looking for work at Sizzler primarily complete hiring requests online. After receiving the information, managers set up personable interviews with applicants generally within a week of formal submission. During the screening process, hiring managers look for career-minded individuals to fill entry-level positions, as promoting from within remains a primary value of the international restaurant chain. Job hopefuls vying for hourly positions may participate in multiple interview sessions before receiving a job offer. Additionally, some locations require different hiring processes, with applicants encountering phone screenings, group interviews, and one-one-one hiring sessions. Regardless of the interview format, candidates should take each phase of the hiring process seriously by arriving on time to job interviews and dressing in professional attire.

What to Expect During the Interview

Hiring managers inquire about applicant employment history, customer service aptitude, availability, and career goals at job interviews. Applicants often field questions like:

  • "Have you worked in the restaurant industry before?"
  • "How would you handle an ill-mannered customer?"
  • "Can you work nights and weekends?"
  • "Where do you see yourself in five years?"

Making a Good Impression

Candidates interested in moving up to management positions should express desire to grow with Sizzler and ask questions about training programs, performance reviews, and career opportunities when possible. Job hopefuls should maintain stable eye contact throughout the interview process and focus on answering each inquiry in a direct and concise manner. Candidates who present an open schedule may gain preferential treatment during the hiring process.

Following Up

At the end of the meeting, acknowledge the hiring manager for taking the time to interview. Call the desired location to check on hiring status within a week of the final interview.

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