SKECHERS Interview Tips

Preparing for an Interview

A retailer of casual, athletic, and dress shoes, Skechers shoes remain a popular footwear choice. Each store features a full staff of sales associates, cashiers, team leaders, and related retail workers. The shoe retailer fills all vacancies by conducting industry-standard interviews. Applicants dedicated to finding work should prepare accordingly for the job interview.

Face-to-Face Interviews

The interview process usually involves several stages of interaction with store officials. Eligible applicants receive phone calls from Skechers to schedule interviews. Even entry-level positions with the footwear retailer usually involve at least two interviews. The first meeting usually occurs between the applicant and a store manager. An individual who performs well during the initial interview is usually called back for a second hiring session, usually with another manager. Invitees that pass the second interview are usually invited to company orientation and begin employment.

Common Interview Questions and Topics

Job interviews often cover several necessary topics for the retail environment. For example, individuals applying for sales associate positions may be asked to demonstrate their sales abilities and communication skills. Proper customer service is one of the most important portions of the interview process. Applicants should realize that the interview process is how Skechers manages get to know job candidates on personal levels. How an applicant communicates with an interviewer will ultimately be the deciding factor for hiring chances.


  • looking for a job says:

    Does anyone know what kind of drug test skechers shoe store does?

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