Sleep Inn Interview Questions & Tips

One-on-One and Group Interviews

A hotel chain focused on quality service and customer care, Sleep Inn interviews for motivated workers to fill customer service, sales, and management jobs. Sleep Inn uses college recruitment programs and traditional methods of declaring candidacy for employment to begin the hiring process. After receiving applicant information, Sleep Inn uses telephone, 1:1, and group/panel interviews to screen workers. Entry-level hotel jobs, like front desk clerk and housekeeper positions, often require only a single interview session. Managers sometimes interview two or three times but may only experience one job interview, as well.

Typical Questions and Interview Topics

Attend all Sleep Inn job interviews wearing professional garb, like dress pants, appropriate and stylish skirts and dresses, and dress shirts. Maintain eye contact with each interviewer during every session of the Sleep Inn hiring process and remain calm, relaxed, and focused. Answer Sleep Inn interview questions honestly, openly, and carefully throughout the Sleep Inn job interview process. Sleep Inn interview questions span subject matter from education and experience to schedule availability and customer service skills. A prime example of a typical interview question includes: "Why did you choose to apply for work at Sleep Inn?" Other potential interview questions revolve around customer service and often take the form of hypothetical situations, such as: "If a customer needed a quick answer to a brief question and you were already engaged with someone, what would you do?" and "How would you handle a noise complaint?".

Tips for Success

Sleep Inn job interviews require no real preparation for success; however, applicants should review employment history and the potential job duties of the desired position. The Sleep Inn hiring process may only last a few days, with a formal job offering coming at the end of the final session. Strong candid abilities and customer-oriented personas win out over other characteristics. Multitasking and a wide range of serviceable skill sets also proves greatly advantageous during Sleep Inn job interviews.


  • Delores G. Clemons says:

    applying for receptionist job what should I wear?
    what questions will they ask?
    Lunch breaks
    do I bring my own lunch
    what shift do they have
    Starting rate
    are ther any advancement through this company
    can I get family discounts for sleep inn

  • debra says:

    what should I wear for inventory clerk, or receptionist interview

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