SmartStyle Interview Questions & Tips

Navigating the Hiring Process

SmartStyle hair salons, typically located inside Walmart stores, screen for new associates to fill hairstylist and customer service job vacancies with regularity. Candidates seeking employment with the Regis Corporation subsidiary apply online and await contact from a salon manager or corporate recruitment official. The duration of the hiring process is generally determined by staffing needs and manager schedules, but most associate cite spending no more than a week and a half completing each step.

How to Prepare

The SmartStyle interview process usually includes a face-to-face meeting with a manager. Hairstylist candidates must also participate in technical skills demonstrations to prove necessary abilities for the position. In anticipation of a successful interview, applicants should brush up on essential hair-cutting techniques. Gather basic information about company values and work culture from online resources and review work history to better communicate examples from past employment. Most positions available with the hair salon require employees to interact with clients on a regular basis, and applicants should prepare to answer situational questions about customer-service experience.

Questions to Expect

On the day of the SmartStyle interview, pick out a professional and industry-appropriate outfit to wear. Applicants should arrive early enough to adjust to the atmosphere and calm any nerves. Hairstylist job hopefuls need to bring the necessary hair-styling tools to perform skills demonstrations. Additionally, applicants should carry resumes and cosmetology licenses to show hiring staff. Popular interview questions posed at interviews include:

  • "How long have to you been cutting hair professionally?"
  • "Can you work evenings or weekends?"
  • "Tell me about a time you dealt with a difficult customer; how did the situation pan out?"
Stay positive and convey a friendly demeanor throughout the entirety of the interview. Most applicants receive hiring deliberations the day of or several days after the meeting.


  • Elsie Williams says:

    What is your hourly pay? Do you work on comission? Do you have to wear special colors?

  • wyoma Johns says:

    Does SmartStyle have a dress code?

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