Smith’s Food and Drug Interview Questions & Tips

One-On-One Interviews

Smith's Food & Drug frequently interviews job seekers wanting to work for the regional division of Kroger. Typical of the grocery retail industry, the interview process generally rewards friendly and outgoing candidates with the ability to communicate effectively. The Western supermarket chain typically interviews entry-level applicants once, while potential managers often interview two or three times before landing the job. Face-to-face interviews conducted individually represent the preferred format most of the time.

Questions to Expect

Similar to many employers, Smith's Food & Drug often uses the job interview to uncover the motives that drove applicants to identify the grocery store chain as an attractive workplace. Common questions may include:

  • "Why do you want to work for Smith's?"
  • "What makes you the best fit for this job?"
Hiring managers may also want to know certain details about past experiences or current skills relevant to working in a supermarket. Interviewers consistently take the time to go over the schedule availability of candidates, particularly entry-level ones. Job seekers interviewing for Smith's management positions usually need to answer more complex, detailed questions like: "Describe a time when you had to make an unpopular decision. What was your action, and what was the outcome?"

How to Stand Out

Due to the relative ease of the interview process, applicants should take every opportunity to stand out in ways beyond merely providing good answers to basic interview questions. This includes making the extra effort to dress up and look professional for the interview, greeting the hiring manager enthusiastically and remaining appropriately eager throughout the session, and showing gratitude for the opportunity to interview with Smith's Food & Drugs. Asking your own questions at the end of the interview, including when and how to follow up, indicates a seriousness about getting the job and serves as an ideal way to cap off the hiring process.


  • brian M. Lujan says:

    I’m looking for a night stocking job.

  • Cathy says:

    How does Smith’s dress policy feel about stretched lobes/piercings?

  • louie sanchez says:

    Looking for a job with a good company like smiths.

  • VICKI WEAVER says:


  • Nancy says:

    Im looking for a full time job and I enjoy working at a grocery store.

  • selnie says:

    I have an interview with smiths in a few days. So I will return and give some feedback on how my interview went. And examples of what questions they ask.

  • Nayya says:

    Does Smiths drug test?

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