Smokey Bones Interview Questions & Tips

Face-to-Face Interviews

Located mostly on the East Coast, Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill boasts fun and lively environments. Smokey Bones hiring staff often looks for enthusiastic, energetic applicants to fill both entry-level and managerial positions. Job seekers obtain Smokey Bones interviews after submitting employment request forms either online or in-store. Smokey Bones hiring managers typically contact candidates a few days after applying to set up face-to-face interviews at the preferred location of employment.

Entry-Level Interviews

Entry-level candidates typically encounter a single interview session where hiring personnel ask various questions about job history, customer service skills, reason for applying, and scheduling. After the question-and-answer session, Smokey Bones applicants often take personality tests, which managers assess on-the-spot. Depending on staffing needs, applicants sometimes earn employment offers after the interview, in which Smokey Bones managers set a starting date with the new employee.

Managerial Interviews

Smokey Bones managerial applicants usually experience similar hiring procedures. Some locations require upper-level job seekers to participate in multiple interviews before gaining employment consideration. While hiring staff do not expect much experience from entry-level applicants, managerial candidates are screened for management history and leadership competency at Smokey Bones job interviews. Managerial hopefuls respond to questions like, "How would you defuse a situation where two employees were arguing about tips?" and "Tell me about a time when you assisted a customer having a bad experience; how did you turn the situation around?" Smokey Bones managers often work long hours on foot, and hiring staff may inquire about applicant availability and ability to keep a positive attitude during difficult shifts.

Making a Good Impression

All candidates should dress to look professional for Smokey Bones job interviews. Hiring staff often look for applicants with well-kempt and neatly groomed appearances. Arrive early to each meeting and greet Smokey Bones hiring staff with a smile and a respectable handshake. Focus on each Smokey Bones interview question individually to ensure the best responses. Mold answers to fit Smokey Bones standards of exceptional customer service, and maintain a friendly demeanor throughout the meeting. Express gratefulness for the invitation to interview and the prospect of working at Smokey Bones. If hiring staff do not grant employment decisions by the end of the interview, follow up within three or four days to check on hiring status.

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