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A chain of roughly 700 locations, Smoothie King maintains operations in nearly a half dozen countries. Franchises around the globe look to hire on new and motivated individuals with regularity. The most prevalent jobs available include entry-level team member positions.

Facts About Working at Smoothie King

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Smoothie King?)

Available Positions: Assistant manager, crew member, hiring manager, manager key holder, sales associate, team member

Printable Application: Yes. Print Smoothie King application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

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Smoothie King Job Opportunities

The prominent chain of smoothie shops actively encourages healthy lifestyles. Locations offer nutritious alternatives to traditional dessert or specialty drinks in fun, trendy, and colorful atmospheres. Employees need to embody the company mission of fun and active living to gain employment. Smoothie King associates work directly with the general public and maintain ongoing relationships with clientele. Applicants should work well independently and as part of existing teams in order to thrive as employees.

As regular meeting places, Smoothie King locations often feature fast-paced and bustling operations punctuated by peak popularity during summer months due to warmer weather. Entrepreneur, a magazine focusing on business concepts, ranked the chain as the best smoothie shop company in the industry in 2014. Franchisees, supervisors, and other career-oriented roles expect the highest levels of service from entry-level employees and maintain strict standards of customer interaction, even during busy hours of operation. Workers should possess some familiarity of the health benefits of drinking smoothies and ingesting natural and organic foods prior to hire to better serve customers. The hiring process often involves questions regarding experience and interests in health and fitness.

Smoothie King Positions and Pay Scales

Prospective employees must meet the minimum age requirement of 16 in order to work for the smoothie chain. Other hiring requirements generally vary by position but may include team-player attitudes, health-conscious mindsets, and outgoing personalities. Jobs available feature paid and ongoing training, competitive base pay, and access to work benefits packages, including employee discounts. Job seekers often find work in the following smoothie shop jobs:

Team Member

  • Customer interaction and food preparation serve as the two most prevalent responsibilities of team members during any given shift.
  • Upon hire, sales associate team members earn between minimum wage and $9.00 an hour.
  • Friendly individuals who can pay strong attention to detail are good candidate traits.


  • Smoothie King Cashiers take customer orders and relay the messages to fellow team members.
  • The hourly wage starts at $8.00.
  • Job seekers who possess people skills and basic math abilities that allow them to be comfortable handling monetary transactions are encouraged to apply.


  • Typical responsibilities include hiring, training, inventory, reporting sales, marketing, and enforcing company policies. Managers also assist in sales, as needed.
  • Assistant managers and general managers often receive up to $30,000 annually. Salary options usually depend on experience and tenure.
  • Upper-level careers in management require applicants to hold high school diplomas or equivalents and stand at least 18.

Tips For Applying

Applicants looking for smoothie jobs with the renowned chain of shops must make sure desired storefronts operate as company-owned locations or franchised outlets. Jobs available through company-owned stores feature online hiring forms available through an easy-to-navigate online careers page. Franchised locations maintain separate hiring forms and may require applicants to fill out paper applications in store. Knowing the types of stores desired locations operate as may expedite the hiring process. Applicants looking for general consideration among both types of locations may simply submit resumes through the online job portal and await callbacks as positions become available.

Application Status

When applying to franchised locations, candidates must call or email employment personnel to check on application statuses. Workers interested in jobs with company-owned storefronts may call or email hiring managers, as well. Email and telephone methods of follow up generally represent the best ways to inquire about available jobs. In-person visits may demonstrate additional interest in positions for applicants at company-owned Smoothie King locations. The entire hiring process takes around a week to complete, with most applicants receiving phone calls to schedule initial interview within a few days.

Benefits of Working at Smoothie King

Industry-competitive pay, flexible schedules, and employee discounts serve as basic job benefits available to Smoothie King associates. Workers may advance into managerial careers or corporate-office jobs with training and dedicated service. The smoothie chain also offers employment benefits packages; however, specific work benefits, like paid time off, healthcare coverage, and 401(k) retirement plans, often vary due to franchising.

More Information on Smoothie King

In September 2014, Smoothie King debuted smoothies featuring vegan-friendly protein sources. Traditional proteins used to supplement smoothie options in store included whey and soy mixes using milk and egg as bases. The new smoothies use completely plant-based proteins made by vegan health supplement brand Sunwarrior and feature flavors like Mango Kale and Dark Chocolate Banana. A sizable portion of customers without vegan or plant-based diets encouraged the smoothie chain to incorporate different options of protein and led to the eventual decision to partner with Sunwarrior.


  • Devon Goodrich says:

    I worked for Smoothie King from November 2013 to June 2014. I thoroughly enjoyed making smoothies and becoming part of a team. I was employed as a team member, the starting position for most workers. I started at minimum wage (8.25/hr). The hours were very low in the winter time but increased during the summer. Employee benefits included a 20% discount on smoothies and 15% on retail products. As long as it was not a habit, you were approved for time off.

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