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Snap Fitness operates as one of the largest health club chains in the world. Modern amenities and helpful staffs spur millions of patrons to more than 1,400 franchised locations. Job seekers regularly take added interest in available entry-level positions and professional careers available.

Facts About Working at Snap Fitness

Minimum Age to Work at Snap Fitness: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Snap Fitness?)

Snap Fitness Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available Positions at Snap Fitness: Sales Associate, Fitness Instructor, Customer Service Representative, Maintenance Worker, Operations Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Snap Fitness Job Opportunities

The health and wellness fitness center chain began with the sale of the first franchised location in 2004. Building on initial success, Snap Fitness hired thousands of workers and opened hundreds of new locations to meet widespread demands. Operations extend throughout the U.S., Canada, and over a dozen other countries globally. The chain also employs 24-hour business models, with locations open around the clock, seven days a week. International expansion and extensive hours of operations require large teams of associates to provide customer service, maintain equipment, motivate and train patrons, and manage entry-level employees.

Generally, each franchise maintains separate hiring practices in order to onboard new associates. Workers may encounter one-on-one interviews or participate in group interviews. Snap Fitness centers typically offer cardio, free-weight, and nautilus equipment in addition to open, matted areas reserved for stretching. No-frills business concepts limit traditional gym amenities like locker rooms or pools and cut down on the amount of supervision needed for employees and patrons. Most of the positions available center on assisting clientele with workout plans and specific exercises and selling memberships. Despite the smaller sizes of the gyms, the international chain also needs workers to specifically maintain facility appearances.

Snap Fitness Employment and Salary Information

Applicants must stand at least 18 years of age to work for the 24-hour fitness center chain. Additional hiring requirements vary by position. Both part-time and full-time job opportunities remain available in entry-level and professional capacities. The following list details typical jobs for hire:

Front Desk Associate – Entry-level job seekers may take immediate interest in front desk associate positions. The customer-oriented opportunity features flexible scheduling and room for career growth. Daily responsibilities include checking guests in and selling membership packages. Workers perform a great deal of data entry and maintain front desk areas. Strong organizational skills, sales abilities, and experience using basic computer operating systems prove vital for hire. Open availability also benefits front desk associate job hopefuls, as the chain expects workers to adhere to the 24/7, 365 business models for shift scheduling. No real work history proves necessary for employment. The position generally starts employees out at $8.00 per hour and offers raises based on performance up to $10.00 or $11.00 hourly, in most cases.

Personal Trainer – Most Snap Fitness locations prefer to hire accredited personal trainers or CPTs. Applicants must generally present the proper credentials during the hiring process. Experience in the fitness industry, backgrounds as athletes or coaches, or prior work as personal trainers may vault candidates over other prospective employees. The average franchised location imposes nine-month minimums on prior experience. Workdays consist of teaching fitness classes, providing personalized exercise instruction, logging member records, and answering questions about services and amenities or other health-related topics. A majority of personal trainers work full-time; however, the company offers part-time roles in addition to co-manager/personal trainer positions with regularity. The job title usually yields hourly pay rates between $15.00 and $17.00 or annual salary options reaching upwards of $40,000.

Tips For Applying

While entry-level jobs available with the fitness chain require no formal experience, workers in search of careers in personal training or club management should prepare resumes and cover letters to submit to company hiring officials. Candidates may submit the forms online or directly to management in person at preferred locations. In the hiring documents, detail past experiences and focus on accomplishments, promotions, or awards received or achieved relevant to positions desired. Applicants with personable, extroverted, and attentive personalities should emphasize the attributes during interactions with hiring personnel, as well. Most locations prefer individuals with excellent social skills and carry out employment decisions with the traits in mind.

Application Status

Snap Fitness uses third-party, web-based hiring firms to search for new employees. However, job seekers may submit hiring forms in person at preferred locations. The fitness chain contacts attractive candidates to attend job interviews. Successful applicants generally only wait a few days to hear back from management regarding employment. Candidates reserve the option of reaching out to hiring personnel after submitting applications to show continued interest in working for the chain; however, quick turnaround on application processing may negate the necessity of follow ups. Many workers complete the entire hiring process within a day or two.

Benefits of Working at Snap Fitness

Franchising often varies work benefits available to qualified employees. At minimum, most locations offer discounted or free membership to Snap Fitness centers to part-time and full-time employees. Paid training and opportunities for professional growth also stand in wide abundance. Associates in full-time, managerial positions or corporate jobs may qualify for employment benefits packages consisting of paid time off, medical insurance coverage, and 401(k) retirement plans, as well.

More Details on Snap Fitness

Snap Fitness consistently ranks as one of the top franchised companies in the U.S. Entrepreneur Magazine conducts an annual survey of franchised corporations in the United States. From 2011 to 2014, the magazine awarded the fitness center Top 50 honors out of 500 total companies featured in the rankings. Around 1,000 locations operate under the proprietorship of individual franchisees worldwide, in contrast to roughly 400 gyms maintained by the company corporate offices internationally. The chain prides business models on low start-up costs and providing new franchise owners ready access to valuable corporate resources.

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  1. Melissa O'Flaherty

    I worked for Snap Fitness for 2 years and I loved my job. I loved my members and had an individual bond with everyone there. It’s way more like a family atmosphere then anything else. Members helped members. They got to meet new people and friends for life, and so did I. There was no hostility in the facility and the club was always kept clean. Working for Snap Fitness was the best choice I could have ever made in life. It’s an amazing job and members are awesome there.


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