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Hiring process information for an interview at Snap Fitness

Face-to-Face Interviews

Job seekers looking for a career in the fitness industry commonly find personal training and nutrition counseling jobs at Snap Fitness. Candidates submit preliminary employment forms in-person, via recruitment agencies, or through employee referrals. Location managers or franchise owners usually review applicant information and contact qualified candidates to schedule face-to-face interviews within a week or so of receiving hiring requests.

How to Prepare

Initial interviews consist of a question-and-answer session and recruitment personnel probe into applicant work and education background, customer-service and sales aptitude, availability, and training methods. Prepare for each interview by reviewing relevant skills necessary for the position desired. Candidates should also research industry standards and make sure essential certifications are up-to-date. Investigate the company vision and current health and wellness trends, as well.

Common Interview Questions

Applicants should dress presentably for the Snap Fitness job interview. Arrive early and notify someone at the front desk of the appointment. Applicants may respond to prompts like:

  • "Where do you see yourself in the next three years?"
  • "Why are you pursuing a career in the health and wellness industry?"
  • "How would you sell me your personal training or nutrition counseling services?"
Other inquiries may revolve around behavioral scenarios like, "How would you approach a client who is consistently late paying his/her bill?" and "What would you do if you saw an employee stealing?" Keep replies customer-focused when possible. Demonstrate motivated and energetic qualities when answering questions.

Managerial Interviews

Hiring managers may pose additional, more technical questions to applicants vying for nutrition counseling positions. Interviewers may also require personal trainer candidates to walk a current employee through a brief training session. Managers observe applicant teaching styles while looking for clear communication skills and well-rounded training abilities. Personal trainer applicants may respond to further interrogations about training philosophies, personal workout habits, and certifications. At the end of the interview, inquire the about the preferred method of follow-up and ask when to expect a hiring decision.

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