Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort Interview Questions & Tips

Interviews Vary by Position

Located in the heart of Michigan, Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort falls under ownership of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe. Consisting of onsite bars, game tables, slot machines, arcades, restaurants, and even daycare centers, Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort needs to hire on new workers to maintain operations at all levels on a consistent basis. Jobs available include several viable career options ranging from maintenance positions to gaming attendant work and security posts. The Soaring Eagle Casino hiring process varies greatly by position desired.

Pre-Employment Background Checks

Applicants looking for work in administration, management, security, or gaming must generally pass background checks in addition to in-person interviews with resort hiring staff for employment consideration. For lesser, entry-level positions, the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort interview process may take only a few days to complete and feature one or two procedural steps, at most. More involved, customer- and operations-oriented jobs may take up to a month to obtain.

Questions to Expect

Each position usually features very job-specific interview questions. Security job hopefuls may entertain inquiries into loss prevention, law enforcement, military, or fitness backgrounds. Candidates in the running for restaurant work may field Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort interview questions like:

  • "If applicable, where have you received formal culinary training?"
  • "What would you offer as a new employee?",/li>

How to Make a Good Impression

History with gambling often serves as the overarching interest of Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort job interviews. Applicants regularly respond to interview questions regarding past gambling habits. Soaring Eagle Casino takes employee responsibility seriously. Workers should possess no documented issues, legal or otherwise, with gambling prior to employment. Professionalism and integrity serve as fixed character traits of Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort employees. Applicant should exude confidence and demonstrate ability to work in a casino setting, which often proves stressful, noisy, bustling, and distracting. Firm commitment to Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort and interest in the job desired greatly benefit aspiring associates. Regardless of position, applicants should wear formal attire, such as professional dresses or suits and ties, to any and all Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort job interviews. Grooming also plays a factor in hiring decisions. The resort rewards dedication and strong work ethics, as well.


  • marylet rivera loftis says:

    how can i secure an interview for table games at soaring eagle casino? i’m a former dealer at motor city casino high limits

  • Jill Smith says:

    I will be moving up to Mt Pleasant, in a few weeks and I would love to work at the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort. My family and I have been to so many concert’s and we had so much fun. That’s why we keep coming back. not mention how well we were treated by employees.

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