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Specializing in food services as well as workplace optimization and personal and home services, Sodexo employs diligent workers in a variety of career areas. Entry-level workers and career professionals alike may find gainful employment with the brand as new opportunities arise daily.

Facts About Working at Sodexo

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Sodexo?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Stock Associate, Cashier, Assistant Manager, General Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Sodexo Job Opportunities

Committed to boosting quality of life, Sodexo works tirelessly to make every day better for each client. One of the largest companies in the services industry, the food service company employs over 400,000 associates across the world. North American operations alone employ over 125,000 team members working together to serve a base of more than 15 million customers daily.

To maintain smooth operations each day, Sodexo requires teams with diverse ranges of talents. Areas of operation include food service, facilities management, clinical nutrition, technology, and housekeeping management. Each career field offers a host of job opportunities for entry-level workers, skilled tradespeople, managers, and corporate leaders. With a desire for employees seeking satisfying careers, the brand sets clear paths in each career area. In food service, workers may begin at the entry-level and progress to unit leadership, senior leadership, and finally, vice president. Sodexo also assists applicants who wish to shift career focus within the company. The food services firm offers an abundance of development opportunities to reach career success no matter which direction associates take.

Sodexo Positions and Salary Information

A distinguished name in foodservices, Sodexo stands as an ideal employer for individuals looking for jobs in or relating to the food industry. Hourly workers receive generous pay rates and salaried workers enjoy handsome yearly earnings. For most jobs, gaining employment consideration starts with meeting the minimum age requirement of 18 years old. Some common jobs within the company include:


  • Cashiers serve clients dining at service locations, such as health care facilities, schools, or commercial complexes.
  • In charge of ringing up purchases, cashiers operate registers, process payments, make change, and issue receipts and tickets.
  • To prevent discrepancies in earnings, cashiers must follow company cash handling policies.
  • Outside of register duties, employees replenish condiments and utensils and make fresh coffee and tea every few hours.
  • The company also needs cashiers to maintain cleanly work environments by mopping floors, sanitizing work stations and equipment, and washing dishes.
  • Prospective associates typically only need high school diplomas or GEDs in order to earn hiring consideration.
  • Some physical demands candidates need to satisfy while on the job include the ability to walk and stand for long periods of time as well as the ability to lift up to 50 pounds.
  • Typically a part-time hourly position, the job title pays about $9.25 an hour.


  • Working as members of kitchen teams, cooks/bakers prepare meals for clients.
  • When producing meals, cooks must perform prep duties, follow recipes, and monitor cook times.
  • When needed, cooks support other back-of-house associates in production and preparation.
  • Food cleanliness remains essential to the job, and cooks need to follow health and sanitation guidelines set out by the company as well as possess strong multitasking and time management skills.
  • Some cooks double as teachers who educate students on food production in work-college settings.
  • The ability to work day and night shifts benefits job seekers.
  • The job requires past experience in cooking and baking in high-volume environments.
  • Cooks may work part-time or full time and tend to earn over $11.00 per hour, on average.

Food Service Lead

  • A management role, food service leader coordinates the activities of food service workers throughout each shift.
  • Key duties include training employees, setting and assigning tasks, and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • To perform the job effectively, a leader needs strong communications skills along with the ability to work in fast-paced environments.
  • Food service leaders generally need high school diplomas or GEDs in addition to several years of food service experience.
  • The job may also require physical capabilities, such as the ability to lift over 50 pounds and stand for entire shifts.
  • Available in part-time and full-time capacities, food service lead jobs pay about $11.50 hourly.

Tips For Applying

The service company allows associates to search and apply for jobs online. In order to apply for jobs, candidates need to complete job accounts, while returning applicants need only to log into existing accounts. Once logged in, candidates fill out basic information and take qualifications exams. After receiving the application, the company sends an email acknowledging receipt. Some positions require candidates to email applications to the email addresses provided in job descriptions. To assist in the hiring process, candidates should also follow the company careers blog, YouTube channel, and Pinterest account and connect with the company on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. The company also offers career podcasts, which give in depth looks at company culture, web-recruiting processes, achieving career goals, and training processes.

Application Status

Applicants applying online may view application progresses by logging into job profiles. The company lists jobs applied for in the career center, and job hopefuls look under the submitted status tag to learn about hiring progress. Candidates who apply by sending emails may send follow-up emails to the same addresses applied to. The body email should briefly state applicant interest in the job and then inquire about hiring decision and expected date for final decisions.

Sodexo Employee Benefits

The service provider offers fantastic job benefits to improve associate quality of life. Most workers receive employee benefits; however, packages vary by area of employment, job title, and duration with the company. Job benefits packages include plans for professional, personal, and financial wellbeing. Health benefits include customizable medical plans as well as dental and vision coverage.

For financial well-being, the service chain provides:

  • Life insurance
  • Disability coverage, and
  • 401(k) retirement plans

To promote personal wellbeing, packages include service award programs and lifeworks support. Employees may earn vacation, personal, and sick days and receive pay on company-recognized holidays, bereavement leave, and jury duty leave. Associates also receive unique benefits, such as schedules promoting work-life balance and reimbursements for education costs.

Other Information about Sodexo

Having an influence on the diets of over 75 million people, Sodexo feels obligated to keep people healthy. With the help of world-class dietitians and chefs, the health-conscious service provider creates menus consisting of various balanced meal options. Meals incorporate wholesome foods and maintain minimal levels of fats, salts, or sugars. Additionally, the brand promotes health living by educating customers on healthy lifestyle choices and ways to stay active. Through a partnership with MyFitnessPal, the company allows clients to track meals and physical activity.


  • Toffic yesuf says:

    I worked at Sodexo at Washington Dulles airport for 3 months at 2015

  • linda martinez says:

    I once worked for sodexo in 2011. I worked at Point Loma university college.I worked in the dining hall.I really enjoyed working there my job duties started as a dishwasher and then I became a line server then I was trained to assist in the bakery area then I was trained to become a prepcook. I loved the bosses I worked for and I liked the kids we served and I would like to work there again.

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