Sodexo Job Interview Questions & Tips

Navigating the Hiring Process

Sodexo, a leader in quality of life services around the world, performs an extensive hiring process. Job seekers may face phone interviews as pre-screens prior to meeting with hiring personnel. One-to-one interviews with hiring managers also prove common, as are panel interviews the further one advances along in the interview process. The food service company tends to expose candidates to one or two rounds of interviews in order to successfully screen job applicants. Three to four weeks proves the approximate amount of time necessary to successfully navigate all parts of the hiring process.

Potential Interview Questions

The hiring process features very basic questions asked in casual, conversational manners. Sodexo interview questions generally relate to customer service skills, work history, education, and previous experience in the food service industry. Typical questions may include:

  • "How will your previous experience enable you to perform in a new role?"
  • "What do you like to do in your free time?"
  • "What hours are you available to work?"
  • "Why do you want to work for Sodexo?"
Subsequent rounds of interviews may feature more specific interview questions touching on health and fitness, distribution, leadership, or other relevant topics related to the position desired. Applicants who demonstrate sound abilities to tackle hard problems and work under tight deadlines often receive hiring consideration over other candidates. Additional hiring requirements often increase for managerial or corporate roles.

Tips For a Successful Interview

Dress in either business-casual or more professional clothing for each stage of the Sodexo interview process. Eye contact and proper posture may affect hiring outcomes, as well as professional attitudes and motivated personalities. Speak with clarity and in a calm voice. Experience directly related to the position desired may assist some candidates. Entry-level workers typically need no real experience for employment consideration. The foodservice company generally notifies applicants of formal job offers during the final interview session. Positions requiring drug screening and/or background checks, such as logistics positions or work involving manual labor, may stall formal hiring decisions until all pending screening clears with hiring staff.


  • Debra Polk says:

    I would like more information about the 50 question pre-empoymnet behavior test … and how to prepare … I have a place in the area that I would love to be gainfully employed for the long term … and I know I must pass this test before getting an interview. Thank you.

  • denise owen says:

    What are the most common questions asked in Sodexo interview at entry level?

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